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Dean’s EI Week

Here’s the down low on another week of Dean’s state services. He has done so well and has come so far. He is really pointing now when prompted, but still isn’t pointing on his own. This past Saturday he got his hair cut and was so good in the chair with me as he had two dumdum pops. Cherry and Pineapple in case you were wondering. He has been eating a lot more lately. I joke that he’s going to eat me out of house and home, but when I have to pit stop in the middle of the week for more bread and fruit, you know that he is eating A LOT. I am not complaining, I am Happy that he has such a good diet.

1/29/18 – Speech

Not using any of his words at this time. Dean was seen at home with Mike. He was very tired today. He sat in his chair and used more sign several times. He required some hand over hand, some modeling and he requested more several times on his own. He enjoyed and followed a game of ah choo. Brought toy up to my head and he followed smiled when it fell off “ah choo”.

  • Continue to model “more” sign with snacks.

1/30/18 – OT

Dean had ABA today and Ann brought in new toys for Dean. He has been spinning/closing his eyes. Dean greeted me with a smile today and vocalizations that sounded like “Hi”. He did well again with shape sorter, pop beads, and star stacker. Consistently pointed with moderate prompting at elbow for right hand and at hand for left hand. In swing, he recognized he had to do something with his hand so routinely gave them to me to sign more. He signed more independently for swing 4 times.

  • Continue to facilitate pointing and signing more.

2/1/18 – OT

Dean had a busy day today. Grandpa reported it was a difficult day cleaning up after Dean today. Dean continues to do well with pointing to desired item with minimal prompting at elbow for right hand and moderate prompting on hand for left. Signed more 1x for swinging today but able to hold hands out to help to sign “more”. Did all 4 animal shape sorter pieces independently. Tapped my arm with vocalization to get my attention appropriately for more snacks.

  • Amazon – type in chewy tube. There is chewy tube combo pack for $23.97 by the sensory university.

Dean had a great week full of pointing and signing more. While he doesn’t really sign for me, he has been pointing when I assist him for snacks, at meal time, and for toys to play with. I really want to foster as much communication as possible.

With Love,



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