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Dean’s ABA Week

I still cannot get over his cute hair cut! I cannot wait for my tax money to come in. I never got to do a nursery, so I’m going to do a great toddler room. I’m going to Paw Patrol his room out and order most of the stuff off of Amazon. I will get what I can at Walmart like the comforter set and I think they have some curtains and decals for the wall. I am painting his room creamsicle orange this summer and it is going to be a toddler’s dream room. Dean’s dream room. I am super excited! Once his room is complete, I will do a room tour. Right now, he only has a crib, his toys in laundry baskets, and my old bedroom set dresser that I want to get rid of. He deserves better and he is finally getting toddler sized furniture.  I’m also getting another cube organizer for my room before doing my own room tour as well.

1/30/18 – Ann

Dean did well with toys. Started new coin in bank toy. Pointing when prompted at his elbow.

1/30/18 – Joyce

Dean has done so well, great sitting, more eye contact and awareness, pointing with less prompting. He’s so curious! Lots of nice toy play.

1/31/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. Lots of great eye contact and lots of sounds. Worked on puzzles, books, shape sorter and ring stacker. Did well with pointing. Did great with sitting. Grandpa introduced a cup to help fade out the bottle. Great session.

2/1/18 – Ann

Dean did well playing sitting across from me. Did coins in bank independently. Pointing to snack choices.

2/2/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Doing shape puzzle on his own. Holding at his elbow for him to point. Making several different sounds this morning.

Soon, Dean’s ABA will be all digital to cut down on their paperwork. Not sure if there will be digital day summaries or what. So, I will let you know when these stop completely so you are prepared. I know he will still get periodic reevaluations. I will show those when they occur and I have the paperwork to go with it. His EI ends on his third birthday, so I don’t know what I’ll do after that. Maybe, a weekly Dean diary instead.

One thing I noticed between both ABA and EI is that he has been babbling more. I am so excited! Maybe speech is not that far away.

With Love,



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