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Sheet Mask Collection 2018

I had to separate my sheet mask collection from my skin care collection, because I have so many sheet masks. I love sheet masks, but I hardly have any time for them. I want to make more time for them and do one a week just to get used to using them. I hardly have time with my son running around. Night time or early morning is my only time. Maybe, I will start a Saturday morning pamper routine. We shall see.

sheet mask

I have two masks from Victoria Secret’s and a lip mask from Sephora. I am interested in trying the VS face masks as I bought them at drug store prices. The lip mask sounds nice to use when my lips get really irritated. So, I am saving the lip ones for a special occasion. They aren’t cheap at $5 a lip mask.


I have four here from MJCARE: two Enzyme Q10, one Pearl, and one Brightening sheet mask. I have tried the pearl and brightening and they both bring a great glow to the skin. I haven’t tried the Q10 hence why I have two of them still. They are super affordable on Amazon at $1 a mask. I’m very paying more than $5 a mask ever again when there are so many affordable options out there.


More MJCARE masks: one Sea Weed, two EGF, and one Collagen. I LOVE the seaweed one and my dad enjoyed the collagen mask. I have no clue what the EGF is supposed to do, but I mostly buy sheet masks to moisturize my skin. Anything else is really just a bonus to me. They are great to relax with and throw moisture deep into the skin.


Another 4: Herb and Phytoncide. I just love sheet masks. I have enough for 14 weeks if I used one every week. You may see a sheet mask haul if I use up all of these this year. I really want to try new things, so this could be the push that I need.

Do you love sheet masks?

With Love,



20 thoughts on “Sheet Mask Collection 2018”

  1. So many!! I think I have maybe 5 which I’m glad about because it’s a reasonable amount. How have you and Dean been the last couple of weeks? One of my professors assigns about triple what my others do so I haven’t had time for anything like blogging.

    1. Lol. It’s okay. Dean and I have been great. Im going to turn down the job offer I really wanted. Dean is getting assistance now and it is more beneficial for me to work my own hours at work when that happens. Ill have more time for school in the fall and I’m going to try to get a house next September. My dad is having that surgery and with Dean’s services, it just makes sense right now to stick to the job that I have right now. I’m dreading telling them the manager and director that I’m passing over the promotion, but it would be too much at this point. I get tax free money now to take care of Dean and I doubt they will hire me at the high end of the salary for that job when I know nothing. After my degree, I might get a different job too. I hope there will be no hard feelings during my meeting tomorrow. At the time, I was really interested. I’m not in a rush now that Dean is taken care of and I can get out of credit card debt. Dean says mom a lot and I found out that he has muscle weakness in his mouth. I got him a straw cup to exercise his muscles and he really take to the cup. You can tell it tries his mouth out, but he smiles..

      1. I think it will be fine! I’m sure other people are trying for the job so I can’t imagine anyone taking it personally. I’m glad he’s starting to speak some and is taking to a straw! All things you’ve been hoping for for a while!

      2. Still so nervous about it. But I don’t know what this meeting today is about. They could just be trying to narrow it down and I would be helping them by backing down. It’s hard to let go of a dream. It’s my career goal, but with getting my BA I could skip this step. Dean needs me at home. It’s a bit heartbreaking having to give up this job offer..if it is an offer. But yes, I am super happy with Dean’s progress. I watched him with his OT on Saturday and he really learns a lot from her and connects. apparently, he kissed his ABA supervisor on the mouth and she wasn’t too happy to be all drooly. His OT was like then don’t let him get that close to you. She loves his drooly kisses.

      3. How did it go? Hopefully well? I imagine it is hard to have to pick and choose between work and family, it seems to be a choice a lot of women face unfortunately. Hopefully if you still want it in the future and Dean is a little more independent you will be able to take it then. Was it a lot of extra hours?

      4. It went well. She was very understanding that I’m taking care of two people with medical problems. It wasn’t more hours. It just wasn’t enough money compared to what I’m getting now for Dean plus the benefit of being able to work from home which will be happening in a few months.

      5. Oh. 😦 it stinks that they wouldn’t have matched your current pay, but at least it sounds like it went well overall. I imagine working from home will help in a lot of ways, like saving on gas.

      6. No, not my current pay. It would have been a raise about 10k, but I would not have taken home the amount that I currently get from my job and Dean. It would have had to been 15k more than what I make now. Yes, I will save about 3k on gas and wear and tear on the car.

      7. Yes and look forward to hauls! Well, Dean hauls. lol. I just made my first $100 order for Dean: I got him his chewy tubes, a soft music night light thing, a hamper, toy chest, and a toy organizer. Time to get rid of those laundry baskets for holding his toys!

      8. Yes and Paw Patrol themed. I’m building a toddler room. I never got to build a nursery. I’m excited! I’m trying to find a toddler sized dresser for under 100. I figure I can paint it and dress it up with paw patrol stickers, since they don’t make dressers. He’s not ready for a toddler bed yet.

      9. Good luck! Dressers can be super expensive unless they’re particle board. If you look in the paint area they may have paw patrol wall sticker, which would be much bigger and better to decorate with than stationary stickers.

      10. Bobs is probably a good idea. I think the quality will be much better. IKEA is ok but it’s mostly not real wood, and you have to build it all yourself. The instructions aren’t that clear either. That’s where my desk was from. I think the desk is particle board coated in that plasticy surface like a book case. I think a pro to material like that is that it will clean well in terms of spills, but it’s not the highest quality. It’s also very heavy to carry! I think my dresser was either my grandmothers of great grandmothers. My dads side of the family would occasionally replace this stuff and give it to us. If really like to restrain my dressers but my dad seems unwilling to show me how to do it, even though he has the supplies. I think a lot of chemicals are involved but I know how to handle chemicals fine! The furniture has held up really well considering it’s probably about 40 years old. It’s just the finish is wearing off.

      11. Hopefully Ill be able to find something. Dean had a few crying episodes yesterday for no good reason. I think it’s because the room was too bright or the tv was too loud for him. When he gets over stimulated, he cries.

      12. 😦 hopefully he will have an easier day today. Though it’s very bright outside right now, especially since it snowed over night. Did you guys get any? We got about 6 inches of snow. Just when it had all melted,

      13. Yes and I’m gonna blog about it. I got a coffee table and two end tables. Five bags of stuff for Dean at Savers that was only $30 and will be going back. I had to pack the stuff in the car only to find out that they gave us the wrong glass for the coffee table. I had to go back and they tried on another glass that didn’t fit before finding the right one. It’s a large title beat up but only 115 with tax which was a steal. Real quality wood. When I buy a house, I would refinish it, but I’m fine with the scratches for now.

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