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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean had a tiring week and he regressed a bit in areas that he was strong in. He is mouthing items more this week, but everyday never mind every week, has its ups and downs. We are all here for the ride and will support him every step of the way. He has been very lovey dovey and even kissed Joyce on the lips. She didn’t appreciate the drooly kiss in her mouth, but you have to learn to turn your face away. Or explain to him that he can only kiss your cheek. She apparently told my dad not to encourage lip kissing. I don’t ever scold Dean for lip kissing. I try to turn my face, so he gets my cheek. If he gets my lips, I tell him thank you and ask for a kiss on the cheek. I love this lovey part of him. I am not going to scold him for it.

2/5/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. Did well with puzzle, shape sorter, ring stacker, and links. Started pointing for snacks, noticing does better pointing with right hand than left hand. Dean needs more prompting with left hand. Lots of sounds and great eye contact today.

2/6/18 – Joyce

Dean happy to see staff, first solo session with Joyce. (We pushed a little). May be an “off” day? Legos an issue; wants to build what/how he wants. Taking pics of Beanies and Bulkie, Mike reported Beanies #1 Preferred. 4 Flops/arches

2/8/18 – Ann

Dean was a little “off” this morning. Not as interested in toys and usual. Played with things briefly and then wanted to get up. Did well having pointer finger ready as I was presenting things.

2/9/18 – Joyce

Introduced photos, Dean very engaging, very nice job with new toys. Lots of chewy today. Much better with legos today!

2/9/18 – Ann

Dean liked new puzzle and new shape sorter. Started pictures at snack time.

ABA started their new paperless process today with their tablet besides giving me little report cards. Don’t know how long these reports will last, but I am happy to know what he does while I am gone at work all day.

With Love,



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