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Dean’s EI Week

I am writing this on 2/13/18 during my lunch break at work, while I know at home, Dean is having his OT session. It sucks being away from him from 6:30 am to 3:30 pm, but I try to squeeze in as much time before bed during the week and I have every weekend and day off with him. Doesn’t leave a whole lot of time by myself for things that I want to do and personal time. I am looki8ng forward to working my own hours at home and maximizing the time spent with my son. Not getting ready and going to work that saves me like 10 hours a week. Plenty of time for myself, blogging, and college in the Fall. Plus, more time for Dean during the week as well.

2/5/18 – Speech

Dean used more sign 2x for swing. “Mama” when mad or wants something. Swing continues to calm him. Dean was seen at home with his grandfather and Deb his ABA therapist. We worked on pointing and more sign together. Dean was very vocal today and he uses therapists hands to get what he wants. Happy boy today. Nice eye contact today with both therapists.

  • Continue to model pointing for choices of snack and more to get more snack/swing.

2/6/18 – OT

Dean has started closing eyes and spinning occasionally. Dean had a great session. He sat in “working” chair for most of session. He got right in to sit when asked. Completed shape sorter, piggy bank, and two stackers independently! Started a new puzzle task in which he needed help for. But he attempted to place pieces. By end of session he was VERY fatigued today.

  • Continue to encourage pointing to desired items

2/10/18 – OT

Completed a Saturday visit so Mom could participate in visit. Mom reported that Dean pointed spontaneously at food this am. Dead did well. Greeted me with a smile and pulled me into living room with my jacket. Immediately sat down into chair when asked 3 different times. He did well pointing to toys with minimal help. He looked when name was called 80% of the time to play a game. Worked on handing picture to mom to get food.

  • Continue to have him point to desired items.
  • On weekend when both home work on handing pictures to someone to get food.

It was nice seeing what Dean’s OT therapist was doing with him. Basically, it is a lot of skill building play and very little fooling around. He deserves to have free play at home. I only do skill building play that is “structured” on non-therapy days, so he doesn’t loose that expectation of him or routine. Routine is very key for Dean.

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