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Dean’s ABA Week

I am kinda pissed at Joyce Dean’s ABA supervisor. She questioned my dad whether we kiss Dean on the lips, because he has been trying to kiss her on the lips. She also wrote in my progress report book “Please do shape sorter even though it has appeared to disappear!” Like seriously? What are you insinuating here? she didn’t ask my dad where it was and THERE WAS A SHAPE SORTER AT THE KITCHEN TABLE WHERE SHE GETS THE BLUE PROGRESS BOOK FROM! I am pissed at her. I have a parent therapist meeting after work next week and I’m gonna ask her what she meant by this. It is insulting. If you don’t see something that you know he has ASK! I’m sorry she felt too uncomfortable to ask for it and I’m sorry that my loving boy makes you uncomfortable too. And yeah, he gets kissed on the lips sometimes. DEAL WITH IT! Rant over.

2/13/18 – Joyce

Very nice session. Excellent job with picture exchange. (smiley face) Becoming more and more independent (some prompt dependency).

2/13/18 – Ann

Dean was in a good mood this morning. Sat well to play a variety of toys. Chose to do new puzzle. Looking for me to prompt his point.

2/14/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. Was quiet today. Did well with toy play toys, great joint attention today. Went over PECS for snack with Joyce. Dean used his swing today.

2/14/18 – Joyce

Dean enjoyed new tactile book. Deb has different set of cups. (smiley face) Please do shape sorter even though it has appeared to disappear! PECS went well.

2/15/18 – Ann

Dean sat and played and had snack without any running in between 8 to 9:15!! Started string beads on pipe cleaner. Very curious about them and tried to put some on.

2/16/18 – Ann

Dean was busy at first and sat for quick activities. Did better as session went on and did all toys as usual. Great job handing pictures at snack.

I almost forgot! Dean has started with PECS which is Picture Exchange Communication System. He has pictures of different types of snacks, food, and drinks. I pick out a few pictures and he hands me the one he wants. I say the name of whatever it is and give it to him. He is really good at it, but I am unsure if he really understands. He can sign more now and he’ll just sign more all over the house out of context. I have no clue what he wants more of. This is much better.

With Love,



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