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Dean’s EI Week

Dean is still suffering from the big D and it looks like my dad might be taking him to the doctors tomorrow. He is lethargic, not eating, and has sores on his bum. So, he doesn’t want to walk, because it hurts. He doesn’t want to take a bath, because it stings. It has just been a miserable week. I had a little bit of good news in regards to work, but there has been other reveals that put a damper on my day. A special someone got something and I am very happy for them. I have to speak in code. Work people read this. I got a bit behind from Dean being sick and cleaning the house, so I am going to try to catch up on these. He will have nothing for this week, because I cancelled the sessions due to Dean being ill.

2/13/18 – OT

Family found a sippy cup at Walmart that has a straw that stays primed! Dean did well today. He was alert and attentive and greeted me with big smiles and ran over to me and tried to give me a kiss several times! He sat in working chair happily for 30 minutes to complete many activities. He easily placed shapes into sorter – worked on signing more for ALL activities today – manipulatives and swinging. Perused pictures for snack time today.

  • Continue using pictures at least 2 times a weekend
  • Encourage pointing to desired items

2/15/18 – Speech & OT

Dean used “more” and pointed spontaneously for food 1 time. Dean was seen at home with Mike for a 6 month review of his IFSP. We wrote 2 new goals for fine motor play and feeding. Services will remain the same. Family happy with services at this time. Dean continues to do well. When given a choice of 2 items, he visually scans then selects via reaching for desired item. With prompting he points. He grabbed my hands to sign more for more swinging on 4 separate occasions. Used pictures with some agitation today but due to being tired occupied himself with toy appropriately exploring it while we talked to Mike about IFSP.

  • Continue to offer pointing to choices
  • Pictures for snack time

That was a week in the life of Dean. I love my little bug and I hope he feels better soon.

With Love,




9 thoughts on “Dean’s EI Week”

      1. Oh, I’m sorry! Dean is so much better now. I worked from home two hours today and Ill do another two after Dean goes to bed. Going to work a few hours tomorrow as well. We have a lot to do because of the storm and I can take Thursday off so I don’t have any Over time. Dean has an appointment and the dogs are going to the vet on Thursday. It’s nice working from home. I cannot wait to do it full time.

      2. We got it back about half an hour ago! A lot of down trees, a couple of really big ones in that fell across the street. I guess an elderly man in Newport was pinned under a tree and passed away. Hopefully you guys didn’t have it that bad! Glad to hear Dean is doing better! And glad to hear you’ve enjoyed working from home!

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