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Dean’s EI Week

I have another update for you guys today. Dean is still experiencing his stomach flu. I’m going to go back to the basics of electrolyte fluid, toast, plain crackers, and applesauce. He seems to do better and was eating normally and then, relapsed. If he isn’t better by Monday, I am going to be taking him to urgent care. I’ve read that the stomach flu can last up to 2 weeks, which is miserable! I had seeing my baby suffer. If you guys know anything I should be doing, please let me know. I want to do everything possible my little guy. I’m stopping the milk, because I was told it could be irritating his stomach. I just need some sound advice from an experienced mom.

2/19/18 – OT

Dean had swatted at Joyce BCBA service coordinator/supervisor. Dean did well today. He had gotten a little agitated in middle of session and even swiped at me. Spoke about using firm voice “No” and not letting tantrum get him out of activity. He did well with coins into piggy bank, ring stacker, and shape sorter. He even tried to slide puzzle pieces into puzzle today. He signed more several times on his own but more frequently reached for my hands to sign more. He did excellent with handing over picture for more cookie.

2/23/18 – OT

Per Mom – ABA talked about not saying thank you when he hands a picture card so we discussed discrete trials, learning skills, structured tasks versus social skills. Dean was tired today but did very well. He sat down 20/30 minutes to complete a variety of tasks including shape sorter. He did well attempting to place puzzle pieces into puzzle board. He even placed regular coins into slotted container!! Which is great.

  • Continue to use pictures and facilitate pointing
  • Try to have him have bare feet at home

That was his past week, but nothing for this week and depending how next week goes, there could possibly be a bigger break for these posts.

With Love,



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