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Sephora Bright

Sephora Bright Set Loose Finishing Powder


8 grams of this banana colored powder lasted me a long time. I really enjoyed this powder. Sephora no longer makes/carries this as I couldn’t repurchase online. I love how silky this powder is and it gives my face an airbrushed finish. If you have this powder, I would suggest you break it out and give it a whirl. I liked this a lot better than the MUFE powder. I only wanted to write a short review, because you can no longer purchase this.

With Love,



35 thoughts on “Sephora Bright”

    1. Dean spilt some flavored water on the corner of your Volume 4 Jem book. Still perfectly readable, but it isn’t in the condition that you gave it to me in. I am willing to give you what you paid for it, so you can have one that is crisp and new again. I know you really like these comics. You can let me know when you see it. I know bent pages aren’t a big deal to you, but this is water damage. Not sure how much you paid, but the book says $20 and I’m willing to shell that out.

      1. I’m going to say probably but I’ll wait til I see it. If it was a paper back I wouldn’t care but again I’ll wait. I think it was $14, I bought it on amazon and they’re always cheaper. Thanks for informing me.

      2. Your welcome. I wanted you to know asap and I take full responsibility for my child. You are my best friend and I would never disrespect you like that and not offer to pay. I frequently buy on Amazon, so when you see it, decide, and I don’t mind buying it so you don’t have to pay shipping on it. We should see each other, not because of the book, but because I miss you. 🙂 I am working from home today and tomorrow.

      3. I have prime so I don’t have to pay for shipping anyway. I miss you as well. I haven’t mentioned hanging out because I’ve been so insanely busy with school, I haven’t seen anyone outside of my family or work since school started. I usually manage to have Saturday and Sunday off but I haven’t had the energy to do anything. I’ve just been watching tv or playing my Nintendo with what little free time I’ve had. Luckily that class is officially over so I only have one for the rest of the semester so I’ll have a bit more free time now. We’ve also been repairing one thing after the other with the cars, and some of my customers travelled in February so I haven’t had the extra money. Things are finally going back to normal in that regard as well.

      4. It’s been a hectic time for me as well with work craziness, that test, Dean being sick, and now his second set of molars are coming in. He went to the dentist so it is official. I finally have time to relax until September when I start school. I’ve been spending time reading. I’m reading that Sara Dessen book you gave me and I’m loving it. I need to get the ones I haven’t read from the library.

      5. I’m glad! In terms of her newer books (2010- onward), it has been my favorite of them all. Some of them haven’t been as good as the older ones. She’s talked about writing an adult novel which I would like.

      6. Me, too. I am totally into her again. lol. I am happy that I am actually getting some time to read books that have been sitting on my shelves for YEARS. It’ll be nice when I can finally buy books again. I have too many to read right now to justify buying more.

      7. I get that, though I keep buying them anyway. Oh well. Most of them are used and very cheap anyway so it’s not like I’m blowing hundreds of dollars. I also continue to get books from the library even though I have so many at home. I think you’ve borrowed all of the Sarah dessen books I have except the newest one? I don’t have them all so idk.

      8. Lol. I’ll have to check good reads to see which ones I haven’t read. I cannot remember. I’ve read a ton of books. Looking at the good reads total is still shocking.

      9. Same. I know I’ve read way more that never made it to Goodreads as a child. I used to write the lists in my agenda before that, like in middle school. I kept the pages but no way am I going through all the trouble to mark a bunch of books I read in 2004. But it really adds up after a while. I think we’ve both been on goodreads for about a decade at this point.

      10. Awesome! That is a lot!! I think mine is over 700 now but so many of the books have been read for college and grad school, probably at least 100 of them. Are you snowed in today? We’ve got 4-6 inches already. Praying the roads will be clean tomorrow and the power doesn’t go out.

      11. Yeah, yours is more than double of what mine is. 🙂 Yes, we are snowed in. lol I am working from home today. They actually closed down work for once. As long as the power stays on, I will be all set. 🙂

      12. it is a lot. we’ve probably got about 10 inches here already. i’ve had enough power outages in the past two weeks. they already flickered once here about an hour and a half ago. i’d like to be able to go to work tomorrow but it depends how messy things are and if there’s electricity. i think they must not have trimmed the branches around the power lines well enough in the summer.

      13. I only have 5 minutes of work left and then the day is mine! I think I have to go into work tomorrow. I’m hoping to work from home again, since the storm is supposed to go on until the morning tomorrow. I will get some serious blogging in tonight while Dean is sleeping. There is so much that I wanna write.

      14. The storm is supposed to stop around 10 here. The snow is up to my knees, it took me and beth a half hour to shovel two paths together. We watched the new Disney channel movie earlier and I made a homemade pizza. Hope your able to work from home tomorrow!

      15. It is called Zombies. The plot is similar to descendants as the zombies got to go to school with the “regular” kids and experience prejudice. Singing and dancing included. It’s free to watch on the Disney channel website and free on demand too. I liked it more than descendants but idk if I would say it was good. It was just ok. We’ve been rewatching a lot of Disney channel movies here recently, we just rewatched all the cheetah girls movies and cloud 9.

      16. Dove Cameron is in it from liv and maddie and also descendants. It’s about a snow boarding competition but also a dog grooming parlor. I think it’s from 2013 or 14. It used to be on Netflix but I bought a used copy on DVD because it’s not there anymore.

      17. We are doing good. I set up the treadmill that I bought and will set up the other cube organizer in the afternoon. If I have time today, I will try to organize Dean’s closet, but I have a feeling that I won’t. I am planning on trying to do a little after work. I have a few of his toys that I want to get rid of, so I have to check with my consignment store. If they aren’t taking any toys, I’ll see if any of the therapists would like them. I just want to get rid of them. Also, I want to get rid of my HP monitor since I have no use for it. I plan on getting a cheap tv for a second monitor for work if that becomes permanent. I just borrow Dean’s tv for now when I need it. Know anyone in need of a flat screen monitor?

      18. Closet cleaning can be daunting. good luck! i’ve got to do mine at some point. i do not know of anyone in need of a monitor but if i do i will let you know! how is Dean doing?

      19. He is doing great! He said “more” at the end of one of his sessions. He has been eating out of a plate or a bowl for the most part. He knows his more sign and uses it. I feel like I understand him better now and can tell what he wants. He is also doing better nonverbal communication as well by coming into the kitchen and gesturing towards what he wants. He is also such a sweetie pie. 🙂

      20. Busy but well. My 7 week rural librarianship course is over so now I only have one class left for the semester. It’s children’s librarianship so I’ve been reading a lot of kids books so that has been fun. The kids course is the full 15 weeks. Spring break was last week, and work has just been same as always. That’s basically it!

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