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Life Has Been Crazy

Life has been so crazy and hectic for me lately as you can probably tell from my sporadic posting these last few weeks. My work was testing working at home, my son was sick, and more work craziness with 6 people being added to my unit. I’ve been disappointed, depressed, and then, elated and carefree. It really has been a roller coaster ride for me lately. I have decided to talk in charge of my health this year and I will be subscribing to a fitness box and a tea box to help balance out my life. I am buying a treadmill and going to be serious about getting healthy and eating healthy as well. I am getting 4 cavities fixed in between my teeth. Apparently, my teeth are packed in so tight that not even flossing everyday worked in not getting cavities. These are the only types of cavities that I get, but one MIGHT MIGHT be a root canal and crown. I couldn’t afford to fix them last year, because I had shitty insurance. It is super affordable now, so that is good.

I’m bleaching my hair and I will be dying it. Not letting you know the color yet, just that it’ll be super cute! I am done with beauty boxes this year and I am trying to use up the makeup that I have. I am doing a nail polish project pan, but didn’t paint my nails the whole month of February. I had a man in my life, but now he isn’t. Things don’t work out when one of you has a child. Never mind a child that is different. I’m not blaming Dean for why things didn’t work out, don’t get me wrong, the guy wasn’t right for us. It just feels like I’ll never find “the one”. To finish off this update, here is a poem I wrote.

Behind The Mask

The room pulsates

leaving me with the feeling of heavy weights

that bring me down,

even with everyone laughing around.

There is a pressure inside,

the fear of being left behind,

and then, I realize

that life is not even idealized.

It will never be the way I want.

As you leave me in the dark,

I almost forgot

that you have left your mark.

I put on my mask of lies,

let them see nothing but my eyes.

Something that I

can hide behind.

Maybe I could even fool my mind

that there is nothing to fear,

but I shed another tear.

This is just one verse of my poem, but I would love to share more poetry and writing posts. What do you all think? I think that my blog could be more than just makeup, reviews, and Dean updates. I feel like I want to develop myself more as an author. I have almost complete my first novel and I would love to share my favorite bits of what I have been writing as well.

If you wonder why I am writing this update, I have been running around all day. Getting Dean’s hair cut, getting my teeth cleaned, and going to Dairy Queen. Pretty much a full Saturday for me. Tomorrow, I am going grocery shopping and later in the afternoon, some mall shopping. I have SO much new things to share with you. So get ready for hauls, hauls, hauls. I also have some posts that I NEED to get up like March Empties, Sephora PLAY, and my project pan update just to name a few. So, expect ACTUAL content this week instead of simple reviews. We will get back to the reviewing sporadically, because I have a shit ton of reviews to post as well.

With Love,




9 thoughts on “Life Has Been Crazy”

  1. Everyone I know has been feeling down lately, myself included. I don’t think the weather has been helping either. Things will work out :), though it’s easier to say that than it is to believe it.

    1. LOL. I feel much better about everything now. Things that used to bother me, don’t bother me as much anymore. I think it has to do with my Vitamin D2 levels. I have been taking my prescription for 4 or 5 weeks now and I feel like a different person. In a good way. 🙂

      1. It’s so strange! It was supposed to start at 8 am here and it’s still barely doing anything. I guess it’s supposed to be worse overnight but I’m hoping we get less than expected. Everyone has had enough.

      2. We got maybe 3 inches? I can’t complain, at one point they were calling for 13 inches. So many things closed yesterday for nothing but im glad we didn’t get much.

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