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Dean’s EI Weekly Update

I am back this week with Dean’s week with Early Intervention. I am actually working from home again today, so I got to sit in on sessions with Dean. I just hook up the big tv to my computer as my second screen and listen and observe while I do my work. I really love working at home, even if I can’t makeup my own hours and it is not an every week thing. I cannot wait until it is full time work from home. I saw so much progress less week from being home for two days. He was communicating nonverbally like a boss! He told me exactly what he wanted by pointing and just grabbing food off the counter.

3/5/18 – OT

Dean missed a full week of therapies due to illness! He had a stomach bug all week. Dean did excellent today with manipulatives. He sat willingly in working chair for 40 minutes. He completed coins into piggy bank, ring and wood stacker, shape sorter independently. He had great joint attention to complete a shape puzzle. He would randomly try to place puzzle pieces but once pointed out where to go, he would place the pieces. Worked on signing more, all done, and worked on picture exchange. Dean did well!

  • Continue to work on pointing, sign more or all done.

3/5/18 – Speech

Dean is using pictures with objects and handing them to adult to make a choice. Dean used pictures to request “beanies”. He sat for shape stacker and pig with coins. Modeled “all done” with sign several times. Dean allowed hand over hand for all done sign. Dean has much more of an attention span with toys. Mike asked about after age 3. Discussed some possibilities and types of programs.

3/6/18 -OT

Mike reported that Dean had a very difficult morning with ABA Joyce and Ann were here this am and Dean had several tantrums complete with crying and arching his back and task refusal. He was obviously tired today but worked very well. Played in the beans as part of sensory play. He was able to complete shape sorter, ring stacker, and placed puzzle pieces once they were pointed to. Distracted with pictures today – kept choosing item he didn’t want. Then threw item. So we just worked on handling one picture for item he wanted.

  • Continue to encourage pointing and using pictures to point to items.

He had a pretty good week last week. He regressed a bit when it comes to the picture communication, but that is okay. He did lots of pointing and signing more instead. I make sure we have a lot of fun and just play. I’ll label items as we play, but I don’t get hung up on him always being taught “the right way” by myself. I’d rather see him smile and learn than be frustrated. I love my son and I would do anything for him, which is why I am looking into preschools for next spring/fall. He won’t be able to go this fall. I don’t mind though, because EI doesn’t end until he turns three which is at the end of the year. Then, I will be evaluating him by the state next year and see what programs he qualifies for. I just want him to be happy and learn like any other toddler, because he is just like any other toddler. To me, he’s my son, not my autistic son. I’m not gonna let a label limit his potential.

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