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Dean’s ABA Week

I am really enjoying Dean’s ABA services now that I have met everyone and have seen them in action a few times. I can see Dean change and develop as a result and he has come so far in such a short amount of time. It is truly amazing. For the first time, he is eating out of a bowl and a plate without immediately dumping out the contents. He also ate a full Gerber prepared meal of ravioli with a side of veggies. I am so proud of him and this kid could be a professional eater when he grows up. 🙂

3/6/18 – Ann

Dean started off while playing with a variety of toys. Got tired and wanting to get up more and pushing items away. Used pictures to choose snacks. Independently chose beanies, prompted to hand bottle.

3/6/18 – Joyce

Dean getting back to himself. Some frustration, still productive session. Tried different toys and brought out some old favorites.

3/9/18 – Ann

Dean very active and looking to run. Did some ball play and chose game with me. Doing great choosing picture from front of book for snack. Put in one piece independently of new puzzle.

Dean had a good week despite only getting two days, because of another snow storm. It seems like there have been a snow storm every week since Dean was sick. I don’t blame him for having a hard time getting back into the learning groove. I am hoping to continue to consign clothes until I have no more “Spring” clothes to consign. I have been bringing down 5 pieces a week so as not to overwhelm myself with so much stuff and to give my stuff a better chance to sell at full price. I always make my clothes a deal. I am just looking for a few bucks to buy something at the store, not make a killing.

With Love,



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