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Dean’s EI Week

Dean has a bit of a cold today, so I had to cancel yesterday’s Speech therapy session. Hopefully, it can be made up later in the week. He was running a low grade fever yesterday and I caught a little bit if the cold bug as well. I feel almost normal today, but Dean still seems to be under the weather, the poor thing. He had a great weekend up until Saturday afternoon. He napped for two hours both days and went down to bed early without a fight. He is getting lots of rest, which is very good for him. Unfortunately, he is driving my dad crazy. I heard him calling for “mumma” and crying during my very short lunch call. On a brighter note, I am looking at a house after work today. 🙂

3/12/18 – OT

Dean had hair cut this past weekend. He did better than usual. Dean had greater difficulty today with task refusal, tantrums, and swatted a few times. Worked through each task, even if it was hand over hand assistance to clean up tasks so he doesn’t associate tantrums with getting out of tasks. Even in the swing he had a scowl and appeared frustrated. Using pictures to make choices, he tends to choose the item he doesn’t want and put it to the side – consistently gave him what he chose. Eventually only used 1 picture at a time today.

  1. Consistently finish task before allowing him to be done even if tantruming.
  2. Use picture for snack time.

3/12/18 – Speech

New behaviors – hand flapping, spitting water. Hair cut went better. Dean was seen at home with Mike. He is getting some teeth and has been moody today off and on. He tried to work on 2 puzzles. Lot more jumping and spinning toys. Modeled animal noises with puzzles and signs for animals. Lots of vocalization.

  • Work in chair on signs with toys.

3/14/18 – OT

Dean can eat out of a plate and a bowl – he won’t immediately dump food out. Mom was working from home today! Dean had a much better day today. He did excellent with shape sorter. Slotted placement but directly in front of him and he was able to place 3/4. Able to place coins into piggy bank. He did well with 2 puzzles – vehicles and shapes. Able to place pieces with minimal help after it was pointed to where it goes. Tolerated hand over hand help for stringing beads.

  • Continue simple signs more and pointing

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