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Project 200 Pan: Feb Update

I am so late on this update, but that just means that March will come faster and you won’t have to wait as long for the next one. From where we left off with the January update, I have finished/hit pan on 14 items out of 200. This project is 7% completed. Now, let’s get into the items that I finished in February that count towards this 200 pan goal.

hair care

I finished these two deluxe sized hair items, so my count is now at 16 items used up. I didn’t care much for either of these items, so I am glad to have them out of my collection.

skin care

22 items used up with the 6 items in this picture. I used up cleansing wipes, toner, 2 serums, 1 eye cream, and a facial cream. I am happy with the amount of skin care empties and I think I emptied out a few in March, too. I love skin care and I love to splurge in certain categories in this area.

body lotion

24 items with this picture. I used up both hand creams, although I did use the Gold Bond on Dean. I used the last bits in the Equate, but my dad used most of it. He hates using up every last drop, so I usually finish off the tiny bits left in his products.


31 items with this picture. I used up a body spray, which only took like a year to use up in the bathroom as a bathroom spray. I am never buying another body splash again. I just don’t use them, because they do not last on the skin. I used up a liquid eye liner, but it really just dried out from lack of use. I have hooded eyes, so me and black liquid eye liner do not mix. I don’t do the cat eye thing. I used up two lip glosses, one lipstick, and one lip paint. I have been going through lip products like crazy. I have been wearing my red in the house and reapplying every two hours or so. I’m getting used to seeing myself in red, but I still don’t like how I look in them. I used up a perfume sample and a sample of the Becca primer which I would buy. I need to use up my purple corrector first though.

I’m about 15% done with this project now. That was an 8% increase, so I am on target to finishing the 200 by the end of the year. March has been really light, so if I get a 4% increase, I would be happy. I don’t know what happened with March. I think I used up a lot of almost empty stuff and have been working on fuller products in March. I bet April will make up for March though.

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6 thoughts on “Project 200 Pan: Feb Update”

  1. I’m so jealous at how much beauty products you’re able to finish, especially lip products! I can’t even use up a chapstick, let alone a lipstick. I can’t wait to see the progress you’ve made in March!

    1. One of the lip glosses and lipstick were mini deluxe sizes. 🙂 Thank you. LOL. I had been working on them for a LONG time. I just happened to use them up at the same time. I think it took me three months to empty all of those out. I tend to take a gloss, a balm, and a lipstick to work with me. Depending on my mood, I’ll use one of them and reapply three to four time at my 7 to 3:30 shift. I then come home and reapply whatever I want. They key is to reapply and to reapply often. Choose products that you need to reapply. I know my KVD liquid lipstick will last FOREVER b/c I apply it once and it’s good for the whole day. I cannot wait to see your next update! You are killing it! I cannot believe that you have already used up 75 products.

    1. It wasn’t drying and it wasn’t oily. It didn’t provide any volumizing benefits for my fine thin hair. I’m still young, so I don’t know about the anti-aging benefits. I used it to spray down flyaways since it has a very light hold, but enough to hold down my baby hairs. It is easy to brush out, but I didn’t see any of the benefits they claimed on my hair.

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