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Dean’s ABA Week

April is autism awareness month and as such, this month might be filled with a lot of Dean updates and I don’t care. Autism Awareness month means that I can post as much autism content as I want and I will be posting two special autism posts this month. One will be my thoughts on the “Autism Cure” and the other post I am undecided on. If you have any ideas, please leave a comment below. They will be longish at least 500 years with a little bit of research involved, but mostly opinionated. I am currently two updates behind on Dean’s ABA weeks. So, here is last week’s updates and the next ABA will be from this past week.

3/20/18 – Joyce

Lots of smiles, babbling, mouthing (teeth). Excellent toy play. Pointing more defined (still some prompt dependency). Good session.

3/20/18 – Ann

Dean was in a good mood. Sat well to play with a lot of toys. Liked new peg board. Tired at end of session. Overall great morning!

3/21/18 – Deb

Dean did well, some crying and frustration on demands today. Dean was grabbing at desired toys and not pointing. Lots of babbling. Did well choosing crackers for pictures, also enjoyed bubbles, books and pin toy. Needed help with string beads, links, puzzle. He did great with the ring stacker. Lots of grabbing towards my face when frustrated. Enjoyed some new toys and jumping.

3/22/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Sat well for all activities. Pointing when tapping upper arm. Getting more shapes in shape sorter independently. Seemed tired today.

3/23/18 – Ann

Dean played well this morning. Started sneezing and runny nose part way through session. A little fussy after that. Able to finish all toys.

That was Dean’s week. This past week will be up this week as well, so you can look forward to that. I am excited to be blogging more frequently this week. I planned my time out better than I usually do and I’m proud of myself. I have been slacking, because I have been reading Beautiful Creatures. I’m hooked on that book. Just started last week and I am already half way through it.

With Love,


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