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Dean’s EI Week

Currently, Dean only had one OT session this week, because of his fever on Monday and his OT had to cancel yesterday’s session for personal reasons. I am applying for a preapproval on a mortgage today, because I want to buy a house. Not sure if I will get it though, but I won’t know if I don’t try. If I don’t, I will know what to work on for next year. Also, I am starting college again in the later Fall around October. Oh, and I changed my major, because my work would not approve of an Environmental Science degree. It’s okay though. I plan on pursuing a second BA or BS when I make more money and can afford it myself. College credits don’t “expire”, so they are good for life. Except technology ones, those are generally only good for about 10 years. It advances so fast! Dean has been really great this week and I hope the trend continues onto the weekend.

3/19/18 – Speech

Dean has been having more meltdowns. Frustrated more. Dean was seen at home with Mike. He enjoys taking blocks apart but not putting them together. Today, I was able to get him to put some blocks on the stack, but he would push them together. We also worked on the pop toy. He enjoys closing, but not opening. Hand over hand for opening worked. Modeled and did hand over hand for more and all done.

  • Continue to model more and all done with snack.

3/20/18 – OT

Dean had ABA longer today. He had a difficult session with speech yesterday. He did well today. Continues to do well with manipulatives such as shape sorter, ring, and wooden stacker. He did excellent with a new puzzle today. Able to place 5/9 pieces into puzzle board with minimal help. Placed 4/9 with moderate help.

  • Continue to have him point to desired item
  • Sensory activity prior to seated activity

3/22/18 – OT

Dean did well with ABA today. Dean was obviously tired today evidenced by sleepy eyes and frequent yawning, but did well. He was able to complete manipulatives and did well with vehicle puzzle and shape puzzle. He did not quite know where pieces went but he tried placing them. Great eye contact in swing today. Tried to grab my hand to sign more. Fell out of swing one time.

  • Continue to offer choices and have him point

Dean is looking forward to Easter this Sunday…well….I don’t even know if he is aware, but we will be painting eggs and he will be trying to find them. He loved finding and looking for the eggs last year. We had to eat the ones he cracked, but he had a fun time. He didn’t want to let the eggs go. I will probably make deviled eggs, because that seems to be a fan favorite at my house. If you celebrate Easter this Sunday, Happy Easter!

With Love,



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