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Project 200 Pan: March Update

I actually did better than I thought that I would do for March with 27 empties total. I enjoy using up my products and I usually target a mix of fuller and near empty products to make them go faster. Hair care products always take forever for me, because I rarely wash my hair. Even styling products take a while, because I don’t use them daily. Having thin hair that is a bit past shoulder length doesn’t leave a lot of hair to cover with product. As my hair continues to grow longer, I am sure styling products will be faster. I also don’t go through a ton of body wash or soap, but I’m constantly switching things up. I’m sure that doesn’t help. lol The current count sits at 31/200 15/100% done.


1 Body peel is done here and that is because I finally threw it out. It is WAY too old to use now. The negative side to being a hoarder. 32 items.

hair care

3 hair care products: 2 hair masks and 1 shampoo. I am pretty proud of myself, because it takes forever for me to use up hair products. The shampoo was on it’s last legs and each pot was about 1/4 full. I used them up in 4 weeks to treat my hair before bleaching it. I ended up bleaching my hair twice and toned it grey. I will be sharing photos soon. I just have to get good pictures of myself and I hate selfies. lol 35 items


1 makeup brush that I am decluttering because I don’t like it and don’t use it. 36 items.


1 packet of exfoliating cleansing wipes and 1 deluxe sized cleanser out of the way bringing my total to 38 items used up this past March. I need to get more wipes, because I love to use them when I am lazy and I am almost in need of cleanser. I don’t have that much left at all. This post is actually a nice reminder that I can do a little beautylish haul and buy some The Ordinary Serums, cleanser, and wipes. I am obsessed with that site. It has so many brands and free shipping over $35.

38/200 items done and that is 19% completed. I achieved the 4% increase that I wanted for this month, so I am very happy and pleased. I think that I could do a big 8% in April. I am not saying that I have a ton right now. I think I currently have like 2 empties, but I see so many almost empty products that I think I can say with positivity that I can get that 8%. There are a few makeup items that are looking empty, so I am hoping to clear them out and open up some fresh products. I am no where nears any lip empties, so I don’t think that I will have any. I am currently working on a new Marc Jacobs gloss that I am loving and enjoying. Next month, I will probably have a lip empty. There are a few things nearing the end, but I wanted something new to play with this month.

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9 thoughts on “Project 200 Pan: March Update”

  1. Oh my God, you are the panning queen! So many items! And your goal is such a large number. Considering the rate you’ve been going at, you should have absolutely no problem in hitting that goal and even going beyond. Great job on using up and decluttering old stuff!

    1. Thank you! 😘 Made my night. I never considered myself the queen of anything. Hopefully, I can be worthy of such a title. You aren’t doing so bad yourself! 😇

    1. Lol. Thanks! I have a brand new hair mask now for my weekly deep condition. My hair isn’t oily anymore and it is amazing. But the ends are super dry. I put leave in every night. I will be going through conditioning products for sure.

      1. I’m down to my last sample hair mask. Some of those birchbox masks have been hit or miss. I don’t think I ever found one I felt was worth repurchasing. Have you?

      2. I haven’t repurchased any hair mask. I would repurchase the Lush Roots hair mask b/c it was great at treating my scalp for the silliness and dandruff. It is very comparable to the price of more expensive hair masks. It has sulfate though, so I can’t repurchase as long as I want grey hair.

      3. I think I tried a Mini of the Moroccan mask, it was good but I don’t think I would spend $25 on it, though that’s a good deal compared to the full price. My tj max carries a lot of stuff too, I’ve seen a lot of too faced in there lately but I don’t plan on buying any.

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