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Dean’s ABA Week

I had the day off on Wednesday, so I got to be a part of Dean’s ABA therapy. I love getting involved and I learn so much from it. Update: Dean can now point independently to everything that he wants. It is automatic to him now that if we present him with something, he points to it before taking it. We are really making some great progress here in the communication department. I cried the other day when he started doing it without being asked. He has become second nature to him and I couldn’t be happier. He has also been in a great mood this week and Dean had a lot of treats because of it. I like to celebrate and reward him for all of his great behavior. Tantrums are not rewarded but they aren’t ignored either. As a parent, I try to learn from them and see what caused the tantrum. I try to make it not happen again. Sometimes, it is a two year old being a two year old and other times, it is me not seeing the signs that he wanted a snack.

4/3/18 – Joyce

Great session! Dean placed the gears “on”, he’s never done that before! Did very well requesting snack. Excellent review of toys. Looked at a new book.

4/3/18 – Stephanie

Discussed the difference across therapies as well as the lack of generalization. Discussed the new cup and how he is doing with that. Played with new toys. Did great during snack item exchanging the picture. Joyce and Mike discussed use of highchair for more.

4/3/18 – Ann

Dean was in a happy mood this afternoon. Did a variety of toys. Looking for my prompts for pointing but not every time.

4/4/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He was trying to grab my left hand to point but when object was in my left hand would not grab my hand and would point independently. Did well with toys needed help with links, string beads, and shape sorters. Did well with new straw cup and did well with snack. Some flipping and mouthing items. Very vocal.

4/5/18 – Ann

Dean did great this morning. Sat well for all toys. Lots of independent points. Handing pictures for snack.

4/6/18 – Ann

Dean was very active and happy this morning. Making lots of sounds. A lot more independent pointing. Did jumping on his new trampoline. Seeking out tickles and movement play.

As you can read, he had a great week with everyone else too. My boy has been super bubbly and I love his personality. He is very sweet and loving. He is not naturally angry or mean natured and I am so grateful that I got such a sweet little boy. We will have challenges facing us all throughout our life time, but I am sure we can conquer everything with love and drooly Dean kisses.

With Love,



4 thoughts on “Dean’s ABA Week”

    1. He’s like a different boy, I swear. Now that he can point and thereby tell us what he wants, he has been a lot happier. I also bought him an indoor trampoline and that helps to get out his excess energy.

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