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Grey Hair, Don’t Care

The story of my hair goes like this…I have never been happy with my hair. In my youth, I was too blonde and too curly. Then, my hair was too long, too short. Too brown. I added highlights at age 10 to be blonder. Then, layers to my hair for movement. Senior year, I did a really bad ash blonde hair dye. That sparked my dying journey. I then added purple extensions. I dyed my hair little mermaid red. I dyed my hair brown, black. I added bleached chunks underneath that I did myself. I dip died my blonde hair purple. I had my hair bleached and it ended up too brassy, but I didn’t know about silver shampoo then.

My current hair: Last Saturday, I went to the salon for 8 am. My stylist Charlie Cook from 126 Post Salon in Worcester MA (He requested a plug in. 🙂 He has never done the grey hair before, but two other girls at the salon had and added their two cents in. My guy has been doing it for years, so I’m sure he knew everything that they were telling him already. So, he applied the bleach to my hair and did my dad’s haircut and wash and blow dry. Then, he checked my hair and did my son’s hair cut. I had my hair rinsed out and blow dried. I had bleach put on a second time for a shorter period of time a few inches from my roots to a bit past my ears where the hair was still orange. That part was still brassy after the bleach rinsed out. I guess that is the darkest part of my hair.

I had the Pravana silver color and developer (just a clear add in) mixed and put in my hair for about 5 minutes. I wish it would have been left on a bit longer for a stronger silver hue. He then rinsed out my hair and I had a final blow dry. I had $150, which I think is a really hair price. Each bleach was $50 and the toner/color was $20. He ended up with a $30 tip, which I thought was very good. It came out a bit blue, which I wanted a more lead pencil grey tone. More due to the dye than anything my stylist did. I have only washed my hair once since then and the blue tone came out. In sunlight, my hair is a very pretty light silver, grey. In my bathroom lightening, it looks more ash blonde and a little gold. My hair has very strong gold undertones. A little blonde is peeking through, but I think with leaving a toner on longer, it will coat it grey.

I’m going to try the Wella grey toner in three weeks, since I want to keep up the grey color and not look white/ash blonde. So, I will be sharing before and after with the toner. Here is the final look though!!!! I love it!

As you can see, when the light hits it, it can appear a bit more blonde. It is actually very grey if you can tell by the photos. It is hard with indoor lighting to show the grey hue. It looked more grey away from the light. At work under the florescent, my whole head looks light like the far right picture. I feel like grey is a hard color to take a picture of. My camera kept on auto fixing the tone of my hair. It matches my grey eyes perfectly!

With Love,



15 thoughts on “Grey Hair, Don’t Care”

  1. OMG! Your hair turned out so pretty! Can’t wait to see how the toner further transforms your hair colour! It really does match your eyes. So awesome! ❤

    1. Thank you! I am extremely happy with it. I’m just sad that it doesn’t photograph well. If I ever have a nice day out (it hailed here), I will take photos outside to see if it truly captures it. Or sneak in a camera in my bathroom at work and take a selfie. lol

      1. How is your week going? I finally submitted all of my project. I spent all day yesterday and Monday doing it and a good portion of this afternoon. I am glad to be done with it. I’m now focusing on my reading log project for the same class. I have 2 books left to read and one left to finish. The one I am reading is called the Arabian knights, it’s a collection of middle eastern legends. The story of Aladdin is in it and its way different from the Disney movie!

      2. How so? Great job! My week has been good. I had my day off today and Dean had his sessions. Very relaxing day. I did the dishes, a load of laundry, and now, I’m going to work on some blog reviews and a special blog post. Probably watch some YouTube videos. I just did 12 levels of candy crush while Dean sat in my lap and watched.

      3. a lot of it, aladdin has a mother and a man pretends to be his uncle to steal the genie lamp, and he princess isn’t named jasmine. sounds like a nice day! i ran errands today and went to savers while beth was in school.

      4. Yes, I got two brand new dresses, one marked $29 and the other $36 on the original tags, but I got them for $7.99 each. I also found Mary Kate and Ashley movies on DVD which I was really excited about because I’ve been trying to get more of their movies on DVD and Theyre hard to find because they’re mostly out of print now. Also a couple of cds and vhs. It is great to get clothes there as they’re inexpensive. It’s also better for the environment to thrift shop!

      5. Or pollution! At least not as much pollution. Most places like Walmart emit terrible toxins from their clothing factories, and the materials and dyes used to make them aren’t typically great either. Though I like it because you can find older vintage styles that people sell on etsy or whatever without the markup. I’ve found a couple of old sweaters I really like, but I generally have to cut out some shoulder pads first. lol

      6. Lol. I’ve found a lot of modern pieces that were just last season. There is a really girly consignment store that only has current fashion and really great prices.

      7. That is cool, I wish I had something like that near me . There is one consignment store near me where you can occasionally find nice things but a lot of it is old or for children.

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