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Dean’s ABA Week

I have some exciting new for all of you. I am going to be working from home on Saturdays and taking one day Wed to Friday off of work. Also, one week a month, I get to work from home, except for Tuesday the only day I would still need to come in. My tuition reimbursement request has been accepted by my place of employment, so that is exciting as well. My blogging schedule might be looking a little different, because my week is going to be structured differently now. I pre-upload most of my posts on Saturday for the week, so I think that I will be doing that on Sundays now. I still do posts spontaneous during the week, but to be able to do a post everyday requires pre-written content every week. Also, I am starting college again in July, so I will be resuming to 2 posts a week in July. I might have more posts (reviews), but two unique posts are the only guarantee that I can give.

4/9/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He sat very nicely today. We were able to get more tasks done while sitting. Dean was independently pointing today. He also was independently handing pictures for snack. Dean did great and went on trampoline after session ended.

4/10/18 – Joyce

Fabulous session! Dean had fantastic eye contact, very engaged. Pointing independently! Water cup much better. Very good PECS (snack). ❤ the TRAMPOLINE!!

4/10/18 – Ann

Dean had a great morning. Pointing to everything independently even when not asked. Great with all the toys. Very playful and lots of good eye contact.

4/11/18 – Deb

Dean did great. He was sitting great longer periods of time. Did great with toys and pointing. Also great with PECS. Great eye contact. Did great with the trampoline.

4/12/18 – Ann

Dean sat well for toys and books but tired throughout session. Pointing looks great with everything. Got more tired as session went on. Used swing and helped him to calm.

4/13/18 – Deb

Observed session with Ann. Dean did well today.

4/13/18 – Ann

Dean had a good session. Sitting for shorter time than he does in the early morning. Discussed with Deb how Dean has been responding with each of us. Tried string instead of pipe cleaner with beads and did much better.

Dean had a very productive week this past week and I love him dearly. I want to start taking him to museums and other fun places like that. Even to just go and get an ice cream. I remember having really fond memories of growing up and being treated to a Friendly’s ice cream and eating it in the car or driving to the park and having it there. I want my son to have the same great memories about his childhood. We have an in-ground pool in the backyard, so we won’t go to the beach very much. He loved the pool last year and napping out in the son. I want to make more memories this year.

With Love,


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