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Project Polish March Update

I am super late with my March Update, but I promise that April’s update will be in the beginning of May like it is supposed to be. I only used one polish this month, because I only did one manicure. March was super busy for me and a struggle to find any time for my nails. First world problems, I know.

nail polish

I took this at an angle with my camera, but the bottle was straight. With one measly manicure, I did make noticeable progress, so I am pretty happy about that. So far, I have done a manicure and pedicure in the month of April and will be doing a second set this week. Usually, my pedicure lasts the month, but the polish combo from Manicure Monday chipped off my toes as fast as my fingers. I love painting my toes, so I don’t mind. It is going to be hell removing that glitter though.

With Love,



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