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Dean’s EI Week

Dean had his Speech and OT come at the same time again. This week, only Ann from ABA is coming, because everyone else has kids on their April vacations. So, there will be short posts and a skipped week for EI this week. Do you guys mind frequent Dean updates? thinking about adding another EI one for Dean this week and next week can be the skipped week with only an ABA post. This is my first Saturday working from home. I will let you know next week how I liked it! Dean has been so good this past week. I learned two new signs to teach him: jump and help. I love learning sign language to help him communicate. He has picked up the more sign and the pointing. He is still learning on the all done sign though.

4/2/18 – OT & Speech

Dean had a good weekend recently. He was very energetic today. More movement than typical. Dean was more agitated with manipulatives today due to increased frustration/speed when completing tasks. Working on signing more and pointing to desired item, which he did with fading prompts. He was able to place shapes into sorter and good attempts at puzzles.

  • Have him point to choices
  • Limit TV!

4/3/18 – OT

Dean did excellent today! Dean really needs structured sensory breaks interspersed throughout the day. Encourage use of working chair when working 1:1 due to from a sensory perspective it provides “safe” containment, it allows a slight pause with visual distraction and it provides posture stability. Dean is either in motion or leaning against items for support. The chair helps with posture, which therefore increases attention.

I don’t really agree with Dean’s OT here. I don’t like working with him contained in his chair and his ABA therapists don’t do it either. I like for him to go off and expend his energy and then come back to me and “work”. I do simple tasks with Dean that he loves doing. I am just playing with him and teaching him as we go along. I am doing the natural approach and letting him explore. I don’t believe in “structured” learning. I am currently trying to teach Dean how to eat with a spoon/fork. We do hand over hand, but as soon as he gets frustrated, I go back to feeding him myself. I want everything to remain fun, not “work”. He’s a child. I let him be one.

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