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Macy’s Haul

So, I bought a bunch of clothes at Macy’s for Dean. It was $250 worth of clothes that I bought for $98. I love shopping at Macy’s and getting a great deal. I also bought a few outfits for Dean at Walmart that are all Paw Patrol. I will leave that haul for a different time. Dean needed some new clothes that would fit him for the current season. I recently did a clean out of him clothes and filled a small hamper full of size 6 months to 1 year old clothes that he still had in his drawers. His 18 month clothes are getting snug and probably won’t last very long as well. So, I see another Macy’s haul coming in September. Here is what I bought him:

Carter’s 2 Pc Cotton Shirt & Jogger Pants


FYI, everything is a size 2T or 2 year old toddler. 2 year old pants FINALLY fit him. His legs are super long now. I bought these long sleeve shirt and pants to transition into Spring and these will be great in the Fall as well. I love the bright green color. This outfit retails for $30 and I bought it for $11.93. This essentially makes each piece worth $6. The little green monster on the pocket is a cute touch.

Carter’s 3 PC Whale-Print Cotton PJs


These are great transitional pajamas from Spring to Summer with the pants to the soft shorts. I love the cute saying on the t-shirt. Bedtime usually requires tears at my house. lol. Retails for: $26. Purchased for: $12.99. Each piece: $4. These pants are a little long, because they aren’t cuffed at the bottom or cinched. I love the whales and the little yellow subs!

Jem Graphic Print Cotton T-Shirt


Totally describes my little boy! These were $5.99 dropped down to $3.99. It is a cute basic little t-shirt and he needed more separates for the Summer.


I also got these graphic tee, too for the same price and brand. I love the shirts with sayings on them. I think it is amusing to see a little kid with a t-shirt that says something like Here Comes Trouble and Can’t Be Tamed. Miley Cyrus could wear this shirt.

Epic Threads Little Boys Dark Blue Denim


I bought Dean his first pair of blue jeans. These retail for $30 and I bough them for $11.99. I worked briefly at Macy’s so I know how to work the sale. I worked in the teenager girl section and in the children’s department. People buy this stuff full price ALL the time, so it isn’t like JCP where the sale price is the retail price. I only buy from Macy’s on sale. Great things go on sale and I like to check them a few times a year. The Spring clearance is the best time to find Calvin Klein dresses for $40 or $60.

Epic Treads Fleece-Lined Full Zip Camo-Hood


This is super comfy and fully lined with fleece to keep Dean warm in the car seat during the Winter. It retails for $40 and I bought it for $11.96. I found matching pants, which I will show you next. This sweater is really fluffy and it is something that will still fit this coming winter. All of his sweaters got too small for him recently and I needed to get some that would fit him now.

Epic Threads Camo Print Jogger Pant


This jogging pant retails at $30 and I got it for $11.99. It is a great pair of pants for Dean. It is a bit big at the waist, but it does have draw strings to make them tighter. You try tying them when you have a 2 year old that wants to run around though. They are a thicker pant, so it is great for the Spring and Fall time. Pants last longer on Dean than shirts do. He carries most of his weight on his upper body and has a shorter, trimmer lower body. He is short and stocky. He’s my boy. ❤

Epic Threads Hooded Puffer Jacket in Gumball Red


I love, love, love this winter jacket for Dean! He can wear it strapped into the car seat, no problem. It has a retail value of $48 and I scored this lovely red jacket for $18.73. Dean chewed some of the teeth off already, so it doesn’t zip up all the way but almost. He has a real Winter jacket for exploring the backyard and sledding. Plus, that jacket is a two like this one but HUGE on Dean. He is like a marshmallow in that thing.

Paw Patrol Marshall Hooded PJs


This was so cute that I could not resist. The retail value $14.99 and I bought it for $10.86. It was so worth it and if you have stuck with me this far, you’re reward is seeing my Dean Bean in this very outfit!


I always catch him in motion! Until next time!

With Love,



4 thoughts on “Macy’s Haul”

    1. Awe, thank you! My other friend says that her son is jealous of this outfit. lol. Bonus, it will be this year’s Halloween outfit. I used to work at Macy’s, so I know when to shop their sales. The next big clearance event will be in September for back to school.

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