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Dean’s ABA Week

I just went to Walmart this week and I purchased some seasoned frozen vegetables for Dean. I don’t have enough time to buy fresh veggies and season them myself. Plus, it is cheaper to buy frozen than fresh. Fresh is best, frozen next, and never canned. I am trying to get away from canned food, besides pasta sauce. Canned veggies have no real nutrients and I know Dean’s baby food is better than that. I think he is craving texture and crunch. My dad likes the cans because it is convenient for him. Steaming veggies in the microwave are just as easy. I hope Dean likes them!

4/17/18 – Joyce

Lots of language with eye contact! 🙂 Imitated “Ready” with popper toy. Clear as a bell. Excellent progress. Yay Dean!

4/17/18 – Ann

Dean had a great morning. Lots of eye contact. Great bringing me toy to show he wanted more. Lots of great sounds.

4/18/18 – Joyce

Dean played with new gumball toy, different potato head, new animal puzzle, looked at a different picture book, foam puzzle. Excellent snack; ate almost everything. Nice pointing, continued improvement with eye contact joint attention.

4/19/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Distracted by blocks, cried when I removed it but recovered quickly. Did well with beads on string.

4/20/18 – Ann

Dean was in a great mood this morning. Sat well for all activities. Pointing and eye contact were great. Chose a variety of things to play.

I also bought a bunch of mini Gerber pasta meals. I totally forgot that I was going to look for frozen mini raviolis. Next week, I am going to look for them. I want to move away from prepackaged food and go to frozen since it is easier for our family. I cannot afford tons of fresh fruits and veggies. Frozen is the next best option, since you only steam what you need. If you have any suggestions, let me know. Also, I can get coupons for frozen food, but never for fresh. They should offer fresh food coupons. I could probably afford them more with coupons.

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