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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean had really productive sessions when I worked from home this week. I don’t know if me being home has anything to do with it but you never know. Maybe, just knowing that I was home was giving him confidence or whatever. Stranger things, right? It is going to be hard going back to work tomorrow instead of doing it in my jammies. Anyways, Dean has been such a good boy, like the sweetest. I took him out to lunch on Thursday which was my day off from work. I woke him up from a nap and we drove the 15 or 20 minute drive. I ordered Dean a hot dog and potato chips. It also came with a scoop of vanilla ice cream for dessert: all for $2.50. Where else is that cheap? I got a huge wrap and fries for $7.99. My dad got fish and chips for $10 and was very happy with it. I decided to make going out for lunch a monthly thing with Dean. He can’t go to a movie and there isn’t much I can share with him. He loves food, so he loves going out.

4/24/18 – Joyce

Good session. Teething. Productive, positive session, but “off” somehow.

4/24/18 – Ann

Dean was putting a lot of toys in his mouth today. Pushing away chew tube, did take it a few times. Started pointing making a choice between a preferred and non-preferred. Trying to push away item he didn’t want. Lots of great sounds.

4/25/18 – Joyce

Talked about preferred/non-preferred with pointing, discussed staff using their finger as a prompt for books. Dean a little under the weather (teeth?). Productive session.

4/25/18 – Deb

Dean had a tough session. Think teeth are coming in. Did well with programs. Did well with pointing and sitting for more and more activities. Dean independently signed “all done”. Had some behaviors. Went over programs with Joyce.

4/26/18 – Ann

Dean had a good morning. Used chewy tube so much less mouthing. Did some independent pointing when given a choice of two items.

4/27/18 – Deb

Dean did great today. He sat for long periods of time. We were able to get a lot done today. Dean had great eye contact today. Dean was independently signing “more” for bubbles. He started playing hands in front of face almost as if he was hiding. Dean used chewy a lot and mouthing decreased. Dean was a little frustrated. I would not let him flip through new books when reading them to him. Great session!

I notice that when we order in, Dean isn’t as excited about the different food. Getting him out into an unfamiliar environment to enjoy a dragged out hour long lunch and all of our attention, Dean was in his element. He sat in that chair and behaved like a champ. That’s when I decided to make it a monthly thing. I will try to take him to a cheap movie, so if we have to leave early, it won’t be a big deal. He even loves going shopping now that he gets to sit in the cart like a big boy. He is growing up so fast.

With Love,



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