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Dean: The Story of a Spoiled Boy

My son is spoiled rotten with love and yes, things. He really deserved everything I got him though and I never got to do a nursery. So, I am getting that fantasy fulfilled through what I like to call a toddler room. It will be complete once I buy my own home and can paint his room a nice creamy orange. I cannot wait until next year when I can buy my own home. I have to find the dream home first. It will be a great project to work on though. And if my friend still works her cleaning gig, I will for sure be hiring her to help me before I move in to get the place looking clean.

Firs things first, I bought Dean his own laundry basket. I like to wash his soiled clothes separately and now he has his own bag to fill. I am trying to teach him to throw his dirty clothes in there, but he is convinced that it is a hideaway toy.

He also needed a toy box for his toys. I had been using laundry baskets, so it really was time for an upgrade. This is a soft, collapsible toy box. Translation: he cannot use it to climb up and try to get things. They have a plastic toy box too that I will get once he is out of the climbing on top of everything stage.

I had fun building this myself and Dean loves the toddler sized furniture. He needed more organization for his many toys. All of his toys fit into these two organizers. It makes me very happy to see a clean room at the end of the day before morning and he takes apart everything to play with all of his toys.

I thought that I would show you what it looks like when all of the bins are full as well. He can definitely use a bookshelf and a mini mounted unit as well for his baby books. I also want to get rid of my chunky dresser and get him a toddler sized one of his own for under $200. My old dresser looks so out of place in a boy’s room and it is about time that he gets his own. I went through all of his drawers and took out his too small clothes. HE is still left with 4 out of 6 drawers full of clothes. I use 1 drawer now for his linens and the other drawer has my dad’s junk in it.


I bought him a projection lamp for those hard nights when he cries and can’t go to sleep. He stops crying with this one and it occupies him until he can fall asleep. Dean definitely has the sleep troubles common in children with autism with his constant dark circles. I try to let him take long naps when I am home to make up for what he losses during the night and week. He takes 2 hour naps when I am at home and he still gets tired for bed any where near 7 to 8 pm. He also gets up at 6 and wakes up in the middle of the night.


So, technically a girl’s book, but Dean loves this talking book. I play it to him every night before he goes to bed since it is a bed time book. I like to keep Dean in his routine and have already replaced these batteries once. I bought this at Savers for a dollar. You cannot go wrong with their prices and I’m a member now and have tons of points!

I possibly have one or two more Dean hauls before I am all caught up with the purchases that I have made so far this year. I am hoping to buy a few more pieces for his room, but otherwise than that, it will probably be quiet until the Fall when he needs more clothes. By then, I will be Christmas/Birthday shopping as well. So, there are a lot of hauls to come at the end of the year.

With Love,



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