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April Empties

Another month checked of of my calendar and we are officially in my birthday month. I am super excited to be getting my birthday treats and having a great second Mother’s day. I cannot wait for the day that Dean makes me Mother’s Day gifts from school. Speaking of school, that will be a big topic for me next year in regards to Dean. I was discussing it with his EI Speech therapist and I realized that he won’t be in mainstream classes. Since Dean is nonverbal, he will have different goals than the other kids and after kindergarten, will be separated and put in the “special” classroom with the other children that have autism, down syndrome, and mental handicaps. Part of me is glad that he won’t be made fun of and the other part of me is sad that he’ll be segregated from neurotypicals. I have very mixed and raw feelings about this right now.


1. International Delight Amaretto Coffee Creamer

2. Dunkin’ Donuts Cinnamon Coffee Cake Coffee

skin care

3. MJCARE EGF Sheet Mask

4. Boscia Pore Pudding Mask

hair care

5. Goody Paddle Brush

6. Revlon Conditioner


7. Disney HSM Super Moisturizing Body Lotion


8. 9. Perfume Sample Cards

10. Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer in Light 2 Vanilla

11. Manna Kadar Sheer Glo Shimmer Lotion


12. 13. B&BW mini candles

14. Papermate Ink Joy pen in green

15. Tylenol

16. Equate Ibuprofen

That is it you guys. Really small empties post this last month. I am hoping that May will be a bigger month, because it is my birthday month. If I am going to be using some stuff and pampering, this will be the month for it. I am hoping to finish off a face powder and a lip gloss this month. Anything else will be a nice bonus, because I am not focusing on anything. I am just enjoying the stuff that I have and using it up will just follow naturally. I don’t want to use stuff up for the sake of using stuff up, you know?

With Love,



18 thoughts on “April Empties”

  1. Still more empties than me! I ended up with just 13! A slow month. I have two for May already but I’m still thinking it will be a slower month. I just don’t have as many sample sized products as I used to, so it takes longer. Are you planning to send Dean to pre-school or just early? I imagine with such a late birthday you would have another 3-ish years before it is really something to consider?

    1. I have three or four items for May already, so I think it will be a big month for me. I have to wait for the state public school evaluation, but from what my people are saying, the will want him to go to preschool next year for two years before starting kindergarten. I think next year Ill just take him for the speech and OT services but not for school. We shall see. I might do two half days. Need to wait for the evaluation to really know what they are going to offer me.

      1. Well, he has ABA four days a week now for an hour and a half. They will be uping it to two hours this year and see how he tolerates it. He get Speech an hour a week. He gets Occupational Therapy twice a week for an hour. When the school evaluates him at the end of the year, they will state the services that they think he will need, the duration, and frequency. I can opt out of the preschool, but still bring him in for the state services.

      2. It really is, but technically pre-K is for ages 3 to 5. And Kindergarten is for 5 to 6. He won’t be able to do Kindergarten early. He’s one month short for starting in two years. They want 4 years and 9 months and Dean will be 4 years and 8 months. I guess, I could push the issue. I mean my brother was born in December and he started school early, but in Dean’s case, it might be more beneficial to do two years of pre-K instead. It’s still up to me and my decision. I don’t have to technically start school until age 6 and pre-K is optional.

      3. I know I’m Rhode Island it’s a law if you’re born after August or September you have to wait until next year to start kindergarten. It was changed a few years after I was born, so it may have changed it MA too? We were in kindergarten 20 years ago or so, I wouldn’t be surprised.

      4. My brother got to be in kinder a year early, because my parents fought for him, but it was also a Catholic school in CT. So, in CT, you can definitely go to school early or at least, at a Catholic/Private school you can. I want to do K-12 homeschooling instead of public school. I don’t know it that is an option though, given he has autism. I hope it is, because that would really work for everyone involved.

      5. I know!! I think this is the longest we’ve gone without seeing each other in quite a while!! I got so busy and tired from school that I’ve made zero attempts to socialize with anyone until a few weeks ago. I’m glad it’s over til fall.

      6. LOL. I’ve been super busy too and now, even more with school starting. We got to see each other while we can and when we can. It’s a good thing we have social media to keep in touch.

      7. Yes, same. I’ve been organizing my clothes a bit but that is the most effort I’ve felt like putting into anything when I’m not working. Though I’ve only been out of school for a week so hopefully that will change.

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