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My Last Sephora Play! February


I cancelled my subscription tom Sephora Play! because I have a ton of makeup that I need to use up and it was sending me repetitive products two months in a row. I decided that I would rather just buy my own beauty products when I run out than keep getting samples that I might not enjoy. I feel like when I am choosing my own products, I do a ton of research and almost always love it or like it at the very least. I plan on subscribing to Audible. The first month is free and after that, $14.99 a month for any audiobook that they carry and the book is mine forever on my account. I plan on downloading the books to my computer storage, in case they ever go out of business. I plan to listen during my workouts and $15 isn’t really too much to spend a month on a book any way. I used to buy 2 books for $20 practically every month.

Sephora Collection Rouge Matte Lipstick in Rebel Chic 1g $2.33

This lipstick is currently being discontinued at Sephora since the full size is on sale for $7 now. It is a nice wine berry color that looks really good sheered out. It is actually a wearable color for me, but it takes a bit of blotting.

Nars Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Let’s Go Crazy 1.8 g $20

This is 75% of a full size. I am very happy with the brand and color which is a bright pink. It is the perfect Summer color. I wish I would have gotten a lipstick and a gloss or something, instead of just two lipsticks. I will use this for sure, but probably after I finish my Kat Von D Pool Party Liquid Lipstick, that is a color that I would buy in a full size once finished. Nars has some controversy about not being cruelty free now. Not sure I would actually buy anything from them.

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colour in Rosegold 1 g $17.40

Again, this is 3/5ths of the full size. It is in a pretty shade that I will get a ton of use out of, but will not purchase as it is not CF. It is a very decent cream eye shadow and I love using it for day looks. I like simple eye looks and this takes 5 minutes for both eyes to be done. I love doing my makeup on my days off and work at home days. The only day that I do not wear any makeup is on Sundays to give my face a breather. I still wear lipstick though!

Perfume Sample: Atelier Cologne….AGAIN


Seriously this is like the fourth time this brand has been featured in my bag. I want a sprayer, not a dabber! I have to use up one of my reusable sprayers, so I can dump these dabbers into there. Some of them do smell good layered. I just hate having these sitting in my samples stash. Number one thing I hate about beauty boxes has got to be the perfume samples. If I want one, I would get one at the beauty counter.

 PTR Firm X Peeling Gel 15 ml $7.20


I think peeling gels are a gimmick, plus I got a peeling gel in January. Plus, I got a caviar stick in January in a different color. This box is SO repetitive. I really don’t care about peeling gels. I will use it to use it up, but I would not purchase one myself. I like liquid chemical exfoliates and physical ones best. I have never saw improvement in my skin when using a peeling gel. I just don’t see the hype.

Belif Moisturizing Eye Bomb 5 ml $9.60


Again, in January, I got an eye cream too. This is the reason why I cancelled. I had two months in a row with the same type of products in it. I also decided to go CF and Sephora itself isn’t CF. It sends CF and non-CF products. I didn’t want to buy anymore non-CF items anymore when I can help it. Right now, I have one non-CF product in my shower right now. Most of my skin care, hair, and body care are CF. My makeup is still a mix of things, but I no longer buy non-CF. I make mistakes sometimes, because I am human. I am making a conscious effort though to be CF, a minimalist, non-consumerist, and just overall a more healthy person.

I have a LOT of changes going on in my life right now. I am going back to college, my work dynamic is changing with working from home and doing Saturdays, blogging regularly, Dean and all of his needs and challenges such as school worries, my dad’s impending foot surgery, learning how to drive by getting my permit again, and trying and failing to keep the house in order. I am in the midst of consigning a ton of clothes, because I have been exercising and losing more weight. Also, Dean’s closet got cleaned out and I have those clothes as well. I am going to be dividing the clothes into seasonal piles and try to get as many done as possible.

Also, I found a whole plastic tote filled with my old slimmer clothes. It is like finding money or getting extra makeup that you didn’t pay for in your Sephora order. I am so happy and will be trying on all these “new” clothes to see if I can add more clothes to my closet. Let’s be honest, I don’t have much that really fits me anymore and I am constantly consigning and thrifting. I love losing all of this weight and getting down to my pre-pregnancy size, but I don’t have to cash to buy much clothes replacements. Hence, where the consignment money comes in to buy new clothes. The circle of life.

With Love,





25 thoughts on “My Last Sephora Play! February”

  1. I agree that Sephora could be repetitive, though most beauty boxes can be! I feel like there needs to be more of a conscious effort to only send similar products maybe 2-3 times a year so you actually use up what they’ve sent you. I unsubscribed from Sephora over 6 months ago and I still have things I’m using up. It can really take a long time. Also, happy birthday/ Mother’s Day! Do you have anything planned for the day?

    1. Nope! I just caught up on some blogging, went to Walmart, and just plan to have a day of doing things that I like. I’m almost done with Eat, Pray, Love and I am half way through another book that I just started. Of course, as usual, my dad didn’t get me anything for my birthday, but got me Mother’s Day flowers. It is really disappointing b/c I spent a lot of money on him for Father’s Day (Monster Jam), Christmas ($200), and his birthday ($100 gift). And he got me nothing. He counts what I bought myself ($150 on my hair) as my birthday gift. I’m like what I buy myself doesn’t count. Oh, and no cake either. So. Not really feeling my birthday this year. Last year, I got $50 to spend at Sephora, which I loved and was so thoughtful. At Christmas, I got $100. I know he doesn’t have a lot, but you would think he would have spent a little something on me for my birthday. I’m just venting, I don’t mean to be ungrateful for everything I do have, but it would have been nice to have gotten some token from him is all.

      1. I’m sorry. I understand that it is more about the gesture than it is the present itself. Last year I just worked on my birthday and honestly it was better that way because I wasn’t thinking about how my family generally reacts on birthdays. They tend to be sort of frustrating here and I’ve come to realize I don’t really like holidays at all, which is sad but it is what it is. Is it possible your dad just doesn’t understand that you like the gesture of a cake and/or small gift? Men can be kind of clueless about these things. Either way, I’m sorry that you didn’t have the best day. 😦

      2. It’s the first birthday where it didn’t happen, so you would figure that he would. I’m going to just ask him point blank about it, because I don’t want to do something for his birthday if he didn’t think it was worth the effort to do anything for mine. Might be bitter, but I’m in a crappy mood. lol

      3. It is what it is I guess. I think it’s kind of a compulsive thing, I don’t like how it deviates from the every day schedule. I’m not sure I ever really liked holidays though, I just think it took 25 years for me to realize it!

      4. That is true, I just feel in my case the negatives outweigh the positives. It’s fine though. It’s not like major holidays are constant, only a few times a year. I like watching Christmas movies much more than Christmas itself.

      5. Same probably. My favorite hallmark Christmas movie is called the nine lives of Christmas. ABC family did a new one this past year called angry angel and it was kind of a disappointment. They’re supposed to do 2 this year, with one of them being a sequel to the Lindsay Lohan movie life size. Hopefully they will be better this year.

      6. So, I just asked and he was all like, I wanted to buy you something but I didn’t want to end up arguing about it. I was like Okay, whatever. So, I’m done doing the birthday thing with him. So, I am going to use this as an excuse to buy myself something ridiculously expensive at Sephora. I just need to pick something. lol

      7. Which version is it? You have to be careful because some of them are not comparable with the newest software. Mine is a 5 and it isn’t compatible with the newest software. It was up until the most recent update in the fall. It’s still fine but I know it’s going to get glitchier over time. I think it is because the older iPods are discontinued? I think the newest iPod is $189 on the apple website for the version with the least storage.

      8. It’s a 6 with 32 gigabytes. I only plan to use it for music and to text and take calls. I just want a pretty phone to buy cases for. Lol. What is the latest one? It is also a tracphone compatible version.

      9. There are multiple new ones, I think the 10, but they also completely skipped #9. The 8 also came out at the same time. It’s weird. I think Kelley has the 8 and she’s

      10. Paying an astronomical amount a month for it. Like she eventually has to pay off over $800, though she’s already paid off a bit because it’s been a while since she got it.

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