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Primer Collection 2018

So, I am continuing this series until I have ran through everything that I have photographed in my collection as of January when I took all of these pictures. I have been trying not to overload my feed too much with these posts, but also I was so behind in the new year. I am at a more comfortable place with my blogging now, where I have room to diversify my content a bit. I am thinking about posting about getting back to going to college, college shopping mini haul, and how online college is. Let me know if any of you are interested in that. I will probably end up doing it anyways, because I think that would be great for others to know that you can ALWAYS go back and finish.


I am super happy to only be seeing 5 primers, four of which are deluxe sizes. I am currently trying to use up the PTR and Benefit primers. I will move on to my full size next along with Cover FX when I want a more glowy look. Once Cover FX is done, I will pull in Smashbox for when I get tired of Studio Gear, which by the way, has little shimmer particles in it. I believe it is a little glowy as well too. It was been a long time, since I have worn it though. I cannot say for sure. I am not worried about my primer stash. I am confident that by the end of the year that I will be looking for a new primer and I already have a couple on my Loves List to try out when that time comes.

I am hoping that more of my collection will become pared down like this. I know my lip products will always be CRAZY, but I am hoping for my eye makeup drawer to be less stuffed by the end of the year. I know what I like now, so I am definitely a smarter consumer than when I first started out. I got so overwhelmed being able to buy anything I wanted, because I had a job that paid well for the first time. My first “real” job. Having a kid brings you down to earth fast on what you can truly afford.

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4 thoughts on “Primer Collection 2018”

  1. Some of the points you touched on in this post have hit home. I do think that with time we do become smarter consumers, let alone with kids and bigger priorities coming up in life. I am interested to read about your experience with going back to college and how it all works out for you because in my opinion you are wonder woman with being a mom and working and posting regularly and being such a positive person. Now going back to college, you really are someone to look up to. On a lighter note, I can’t seem to make up my mind on how useful primers really are. On one side I enjoy putting a barrier between my skin and my makeup, on the other side that’s what moisturizers are for. And while primers may smooth the texture on your skin, they are an extra layer on your skin. I keep going back and forth like this with all kinds of arguments, hehe. What do you think? Is primer a necessity for you? ^_^

    1. AWE! You made me tear up! I feel like a total failure at times, the opposite of Wonder Woman. LOL. It’s good to see myself through the eyes of another person some times to see that I really am doing a lot of good and a shit ton of stuff all at the same time. Your comment has really touched my heart, reminds me the reason why I blog: to inspire others and to learn from each other. I love sharing my life and all of its ups and downs with all of you, not just all of my makeup crap. lol. I always look up to my women mentors at work and never saw myself as someone to aspire to. At times, we see all of the negatives in our life and it only takes one person (like you) to show us the beauty in our failures and the courage to go back and move forward. So, thank you. ❤ So glad we found each others blog. Most days, I do not wear a primer. I like the glowy ones to add an extra radiance to my skin and a pore smoother for when I feel my pores are HUGE. But it is not really a necessary step in my routine like powdering my face is. I would ,like to just have one primer in my collection for when I am in the mood to use them, but personally on a desert island, I wouldn't bring it or miss it. lol

      1. Ahaha, don’t we all feel like failures at times? Your comment has brightened my day as well. I am happy to have found your blog too and to have a virtual friend that inspires me and that always makes my day nicer by having commented on one of my posts. It makes it all seem worthwhile. Also, isn’t it amazing how much power words hold at times? I am so happy that my comment made you feel more empowered to keep going because you sure are making a difference in some people’s lives and that’s what matters. Hugs from your Romanian fellow blogger. ❤

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