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Dean’s EI Week

LOL. For some reason, WordPress did not post this on Thursday, so I am posting it today.

Enjoy! Oh, and today is my 26th BIRTHDAY!

Today is my day off, so I thought that I would write up Dean’s EI Week. I currently have one more week to write and after Friday two. I am going to try to put up the two next week. Life has been SUPER busy for me. I registered for my July 2nd classes today and I am just SO excited. I am going to be uploading a post soon for a college haul, the online process, and what I’m taking. I think I will combine certain topics together.

4/23/18 – OT

Dean did well with using a spoon with his Mom last night. HE is able to consistently bring spoon to mouth, but has trouble scooping. Dean is showing preference for certain activities/games on any given day, which is good to see. He continues to do excellent with pointing to desired objects. Still inconsistent with signing more. Excellent sitting in “working chair” with a big smile to play. Great using a spoon today with suction cup bowl.

  • Continue to work on spoon use with holding very end of spoon to guide scooping.

4/23/18 – Speech

Dean is pointing independently. Anne, Hannah, bread only 1x “ready” 1x. Dean was seen at home. He sat in his seat and pointed to puzzle pieces and snacks that he wanted. He watched signs for more, all done, animals, eat, milk, and water. Really paid attention today.

  • Continue to model signs with words.

4/26/18 – Speech & OT

“Baba” for bubble today. Dean was seen at home for a co-tx with Speech and OT. Reviewed upcoming referral for school. Reviewed goals. Dean is independent with shape sorter. He will manipulate puzzle pieces with minimal assistance. He is emerging with pop beads and is hand over hand with stringing beads. Dean is pointing independently and using more sign independently. Spoon is going well.

  • We will continue to work on stringing beads.

My little boy is growing up so fast. I cannot believe how much progress he has made and it has been less than a year since he started EI. I believe he started in August or September. It just amazes me how far he has come and how far he could go with all of these services. It really makes it bitter sweet to know that EI is ending at the end of December this year. He has grown so close to these two people, especially his OT. She promises to visit him and check in on his progress once in a while. She really bonded with him as well. It is great to see a child that has communication issues can still bond with others.

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