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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean always has an amazing week with the ABA team. I am amazed at all of the progress that Dean has made with them and I know that I will continue to be amazed by them. I love my son so much and seeing him do so well means so much to me. I am thinking about buying Dean his own tablet. He has been doing great playing with mine, but I would love to get him his own. He could play with his own games and I want to get him ABC mouse. I am thinking about making it his 3rd Birthday gift. What is your opinions on it? I don’t think he is too young and it would be supervised of course.

5/8/18 – Deb

Jen was here to observe session. Discussed his progress and things we have both been working on. Dean very active. Lots of movement activities – bubbles, playing ball. Attempts to imitate blowing when I was blowing bubbles.

5/9/18 – Joyce

Continued to use picture schedule. Some crying. Sounded like Dean said “arm” after staff model with potato head. Continue to mix up activities as much as possible, especially with introduction of picture schedule.

5/9/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. Some crying, still adjusting to visual schedule. He was very local this morning. Dean attempted “arm” when playing with potato head. Also thought he said “hi” while jumping on trampoline. Did well today with food. Went over programs with Joyce.

5/10/18 – Ann

Dean did well with toys today. Used trampoline picture to request jumping. Tried new foam puzzle. Lots of independence completing toys – shapes, nest blocks, some puzzle pieces.

5/11/18 – Joyce

Very good session, exposed to new toys/books. Teeth coming? Lots of drool and oral stimulation. Read Brown Bear, Brown Bear, practiced leaving staff hand on “eating chair” for Dean to tolerate. Nice eye contact, pointing. Very engaged in all toys.

I couldn’t have asked for a better son. 🙂 He is such an amazing kid and makes me a better person. Dean has so many “things” that I want to cultivate his mind. I am thinking about buying clothes for Christmas and a few toys of course. BUT I want to buy us all tickets to see Paw Patrol live next year. I am thinking about making that his Christmas present. Having his birthday after Christmas is so great, because you can do things like this. My dad just said let’s take him to Monster Jam, I’m like no. You like that stuff, not him. sigh

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2 thoughts on “Dean’s ABA Week”

  1. Caleb has a Kindle Fire and he loves it. It’s very affordable (normally $50 but you can sometimes get on sale for $40), and we just added a kid’s protective case. I’d also recommend locking it down in the settings because he accidentally purchased something off of Amazon once. Now, he needs a password if he clicks a link to buy anything.

    1. Oh, yes! Will for sure put password protection so that he really can’t do anything on there. lol. I want to get the biggest size for him, since he needs a large surface area.

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