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You’re So Fine

Elizabeth Mott You’re So Fine Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in Glitterati


This is a good liquid eye liner, do not get me wrong. It doesn’t skip, you can build up the intensity no problem. I have hooded eyes and can never manage liquid eyeliner to look good on me or keeping a cat eye straight on my own eyes. I can getting better at it and it only looks good if I keep the tail to a bare minimum. Just a baby flick. I tend to stick to my pencils and gels for going out in and my liquids for when I stay at home. After being open for more than a year, this is dried up. I want to get a glitter eyeliner in a clear base. That I can use with my eye shape and I can never have too much glitter.

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7 thoughts on “You’re So Fine”

    1. Lol. It looks like one big, thick crooked line. I feel ya girl! Also, why do I put a crease color in my crease. Lol. You can’t see it because once I open my eyes, it’s gone. I tend to smoke out the outer v for the appearance of having something in my crease. Eye shadow is difficult with hooded eyes. Probably why I’m not really into eye makeup.

      1. Girl you just described the story of my life!! It’s so hard having hooded eyes. We can not use as many colors as other beauties do or it just gets all mix up together and look like one big mess! So for me I put color on my crease but recently I also started applying above the crease just so the color can be seen. I also typically just smoke out the v cause it’s the only eye look I can do! Haha glad I am not the only one who knows this struggle!

      2. You gave me a good idea to try to go above the crease a bit. I cannot wait to try that out. I’m usually scared to go above the crease, but I think it is because I go TOO much above the crease. LOL. The struggle is real. I have yet to come across a beau-tuber who has hooded eyes and great tutorials.

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