Dean’s EI Week

So, today is Tuesday. The only day of my work from home week that I have to drag my butt into work and see people. The worst day of the week when I work from home. I just want to work in my pjs and drink my K cup coffee in peace, thank you. But enough about that, I am wearing Tarte (Yes, I know all of the shit going on and went on with Tarte. I have never went out and bought Tarte. This is just what I got in subscription bags, birthday gifts, and a lip kit. I still want to buy some unicorn shit from them so there!) lip paint, not in birthday suit, but a different nude color. It makes me look dead (not the right color nude for me) and my lips feel tight like I have panty hose on them. I kinda like that tight feeling though.

5/8/18 – OT

Dean seemed tired today. Mike reported he slept all night, but was up very early. Completed a co-visit with Ann today to observe what types of activities they are doing with Dean. Despite intermittent agitation, he is doing well with eye contact, looking for help via pulling at hands or looking up at face for help. Attention from across the room when playing ball was impressive, too. He would roll and bring ball back. Talked about sensory needs/movement.

5/10/18 – OT

Dean had a good session with ABA today. Mom talked about school of potentially home schooling him and ABA would stay involved. Dean did excellent today. He immediately ran to door and greeted me with a smile. He grabbed a puzzle and sat in his chair. He sat for 35 minutes and played with multiple toys including 5 puzzles and stringing beads. Took a sensory break swinging in swing and transitioned back to play chair. Showed excellent non-rigid behaviors when placing coins into slotted container as he allowed piggy bank to remain with slot in vertical position versus horizontal.

  • Continue to encourage pointing and signing.

5/11/18 – Speech

Said “arm” and “hi”. Spitting at random times. Teething? Dean was seen after ABA today. He woke up 1/2 hour early and tired after our session. He continues to point when given a choice, is playing with some toys independently, and uses the more sign independently sometimes. More sounds. Smiles and eye contact when jumping.

  • Continue to model animals and sounds with puzzles and books.

Dean had a great week with Early Intervention and it saddens me that we all say goodbye at the end of the year. But 2019 will open a new chapter in our lives and ABA will just become a more prominent feature in Dean’s life. Dean has grown up so much in the past year. He was just learning to walk and run this time last year and now, he is a mad man! lol. Seriously, he looks like a little boy now. It saddens me, but makes me a really proud mamma seeing him grow up. It makes me think cough worry about his future and I just want what is best for my little Bean.

With Love,


19 thoughts on “Dean’s EI Week”

    1. The whole Tarte Shape Tape Foundation being nonincluisive and only had like 10 white shades and zero dark shades when it launched. Oh, and it was an old repackaged
      formula, not actual new shape tape.

      1. For sure. Physicians Formula has started to expand their range from just medium. I could never use their stuff before. Been keeping an eye on the clearance section.

      2. I don’t think I’ve ever bought anything from physicians formula because it’s usually on the higher side in Walmart and I can’t bring myself to spend the money, but that’s good to know. I know the newest thing I’ve seen advertised in there is sheet masks for your hair which I really want to try but I’m still finishing off my final tube of regular hair mask.

      3. I heard that but they must sell quick as I didn’t see any in target yesterday. I just cancelled my Walmart box last week. I got the most recent one and decided I’d rather have the $5 to go out for Chinese food for lunch instead. I wasn’t excited about most of it and I feel like I’m making such good progress using things up that I don’t want to be adding anything else to my stash.

      4. I never even got my Winter box, but I was never charged for it either, so no loss on me. I’d rather save my money and buy things that I actually want to have in my collection. $5 goes a long way at Marshalls.

      5. $5 is really a lot if you use it properly. Gas, food, a portion of a book. 10 video tapes from Savers! Not that I’ve ever bought 10 tapes there at once but its the idea. I don’t want anymore sample sized products unless I pick them out myself. There was also a sleep mask in the box which I’m glad about but I could also just go to Walmart and buy the mask if I really wanted to try it.

      6. Yea, it is. And Walmart always seems to repeat items. I got yet another jergens in shower tanning lotion, which they’ve sent two or three times now.

      7. It’s more than boring it’s annoying! I’m definitely over beauty boxes too. There’s never that great a selection, half of the stuff I’ve gotten has either irritated my skin or been something I won’t use. I really don’t see myself ever getting one again, id rather try something new from lush or something with the money saved.

      8. LOL. I will. I am going to use them to exercise b/c it is easier for me to walk on the treadmill and have both hands free listening to music than trying to watch a show on my tablet. So, I figure, I can turn it into reading time. I am going to see if I can get the audible app on my IPOD but I think I am buying my new phone this week. I have $75 towards it and I’ll have to charge about $100, but I really need a new IPOD. I’ll also have it paid off by the next paycheck and I’m like, it is a school supply too. I’m going to download the SNHU app onto it. I could be watching and reading my material on the go.

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