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719 Walnut Ave

719 Walnut Ave Grapefruit Mandarin Foaming Hand Soap


This goes for around $1.50 at my local Walmart and the scent is amazing. It smells like fresh squeezed grapefruit. I don’t smell mandarin, but I think it just adds a sweetness to the grapefruit. I love the thick foam this provides and I feel like my hands have never been cleaner. I will be repurchasing. I recently bought the moisturizing hand soap in a different scent, but I much prefer the foaming soap. I highly recommend you give this soap a try.

With Love,



2 thoughts on “719 Walnut Ave”

  1. I looove anything that’s grapefruit scented! The body shop pink grapefruit body butter is to die for, it’s just a joy to use. I have to look into finding a foaming hand soap just like the one you used up since we don’t have a Walmart here.

    1. It is very comparable to Bath and Body works and if you buy them when they are like 6 for $20 on offer, then they are kinda comparable in price as well. I haven’t been able to repurchase this. They are always sold out. lol I need to get my hands on that body butter and the Vineyard Peach one. I’ve been on the lookout at Marshall’s.

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