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BS Data Analytics Program Evaluation

So, continuing with my college talk. I am thinking after this post that I will next share my supplies like a little haul of essentials that one needs for online college. For now, let’s get on to the details on my degree and life. I said it before, but I will say it again. I went to college for 3 years, so I had 101 credits from my time there. You can only transfer up to 90 for each BA/ BS degree. My degree is a BS in Data Analytics. I want to be a data analysts and eventually, a statistician. I was always good at math, but high school math kinda ruined kit for me. Our teach assigned 50 problems a night. It was a nightmare. I recently took a Data Analytics course from The Institutes and I found that I really liked the math. It wasn’t all problem solving, but building algorithms and fault trees. It was exciting and now, it is something that I am very interested in pursuing as a career. Big data is the future, you know.

For a BA/BS, you need 120 credits. My anticipated graduation date is 7/02/2022, but that is based off of zero credits in a four year program. I will be done by Spring of 2020. I was able to transfer 59 credits into my program, leaving me 69 to earn. Every class is a three credit class, so that is 23 classes. You can have 2 classes every semester and there are six semesters in a year. So, I will earn the degree in roughly 2 years, but I am starting July 2nd with my first two classes.

I am going to tell you the areas that I have already completing for my degree, which is mainly all of my general courses. For the general courses, I completed: English (2 courses), Math (1 course), Fine Arts and Humanities (3 Courses), SNHU (I got to substitute a free elective here), IDS-100 (another free elective), a free elective class, and the 8 class free electives section.

The 23 classes that I need to take to get my degree are as follows: Applied Social Sciences, Precalculus, Applied Statistics for STEM, Perspectives in History, Applied History, Introduction to Scripting, Calc I: Single-Variable Calculus, Applied Stats II: Reg Analysis, Management Science through Spreadsheets, Into to Data and Info Management, Foundation of Data Analytics, Database Design, Fundamentals of Data Mining, Data Analytics I, Project Management in Information Technology, Data Analytics II, Decision Support Presentation, Capstone in Data Analytics, 4 Data Analytics Elective courses TBD, and a Senior Thesis Class (a term paper in order to graduate).

I like the sound of all of these courses, although some of them I won’t know what they are until that time when I am given a few options of what is available. You only know what is available two terms ahead. I am already booked for the two terms in July and September. So, once September is around the corner, my adviser will give me options for October and January. I will be taking 3 terms this year. I was slotted for the May term, but I was only notified in April and it was too hurried for me. I didn’t have my shit together for the May term. I was still getting used to the idea.

So, I changed my mind. I think my next college post will be about the classes that I am taking for the next two terms THEN the haulish post. I think about that I will share my thoughts on BrightSpace (the online college platform) and my Orientation class. I have a webinar for that class coming up in June. I can do a whole separate post on that experience. I am happy to be sharing my journey with all of you. My blog is my happy, positive space and I love writing and reading all of your blogs. If you are new to my blog, leave a comment so I can check yours out. I love to binge read on a lazy morning, afternoon, evening, middle of the night, you get the drill.

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21 thoughts on “BS Data Analytics Program Evaluation”

  1. It’s so exciting that you are going back to school. It’s such a different direction than you had intended when we graduated high school but that’s how it happens for so many people. Keep me updated!

    1. AH! The classes open tomorrow two weeks early, so you can plan your weeks or get started early. I am SO excited! I never thought that I would be a math girl, but it is so close to science that it makes sense. Being a good writer and communication is also key. My three years at college helped prepare me for this journey. Journalism is a dying art. Data Analyst is the future. I want to live comfortably and do something that I enjoy. 90k a year starting out sounds great to me. 🙂

      1. Yup. Everything for the whole semester divided up into 8 weeks and four themes. You are allowed to go ahead in a single theme, but I have to check with my professors to see if I can go to the next theme ahead of time.

      2. i get what your saying. generally i am allowed to read what i want and write when i want, but with discussion posts it’s best to wait for others because then you can come up with responses at the same time.

      3. And I for sure have to do that, because I have to respond to at least two. I feel bad for the professor. How do you give credit or determine the quality of it for 30 students in your class? It must be crazy for them too. I plan on writing the discussion and responses during my lunch at work. It is a little overwhelming looking at the syllabus for the courses. I haven’t done this in forever. History has three projects. One is just a worksheet, one is a paper outline and first paragraph, and the last is a presentation of 10 to 12 slides or 12 to 24. I forget b/c one for my social science class is 12 to 24 presentation as well and the project before that is a 3 to 5 page research paper. These are 3 credit courses, so the projects don’t seem overwhelming to me. It’s just a lot to take in.

      4. It’s their job so I’m sure they manage. With discussion posts, I think as long as you give a well thought out answer and proper grammar you get a 100. It’s generally just a participation thing. Grading actual assignments is different. At least with my professors that’s generally how they do it. It’s always the same for me too. It seems like a lot when it’s first presented. Generally I’ll read the syllabus on the first day, then spend the rest of the day processing what needs to be done and then start the next day. Every time I read one I feel panicked so that is just generally how I go about doing it now. It’s a system that’s worked so I’m not going to change it now! Keep in mind a slideshow really has a lot less to it then you would think. It’s a lot of summarizing. The papers are more but I think you’ll be surprised how easy it is to write 3-5 pages when you get used to it again.

      5. I read the syllabus and glazed over the rubrics until I get to that assignment. I scheduled out the next 8 weeks in my planner with the stuff from each class that I want to get done every day. I will be starting to work on my classes this week ahead of time, just to see what it is like and get into a groove. I also have my math to work on. I need to do some math lessons and they are fun but some are difficult. I need to score a 76 to get 3 credits to skip Pre-calculus. You do the first attempt first and it will build a lesson plan around how you did. Once you complete the lesson plan, you can try again. I scored a 39 on my first attempt. I have completed 14 lessons so far and still have like 130 lessons to go before I can take it again. They are really simple lessons very broken down. I have it sceduled for how many lessons to do. I want to do my retake 4 weeks in and then my final attempt on week 7. I feel more confident now that I’ve started than when I got the results of the test.

      6. Is that class only scored based on one test? I know some classes are like that but I’m not in a math field so I thankfully haven’t encountered any. I’m sure it will be easier once you get used to it again.

      7. UGH! I got 125 lessons now. lol. I am going to be booking a tutor for math for the lessons that I don’t understand. I will probably do a session the second week of school, since I already have skipped 2 b/c I don’t get it. lol

      8. Yes. It is included with your tuition. You can book an online tutor any time. It’s a face to face through webcam. They also offer career services for life like building resumes, mock interviews, and job fairs. They have a graduates program too. I think it’s $1200 per class. I’m really considering a masters once I get myself established and have a house. I’d probably do it a course at a time, since I would be funding it myself. Possibly three classes a year or something.

      9. it’s cool that they offer those services online, though it makes sense because most undergrad programs do. ric offered stuff like that. grad school is definitely worth it if that’s what you want to do. i’ve enjoyed it much more than undergrad though there’s more work.

      10. That’s why I would only take it a class at a time, which would be half time. I will for sure be taking a break between my Bachelors and my Masters. I would need to get situated before pursuing that, but it is something that I for sure want to do.

      11. Half at my school is two classes or 6 credits, which is what I’ve been doing. I thought about trying to go full time but I just figured that I was doing really well doing two at once and I’d rather take longer than be rushing to do 3 classes and not submitting work of the same quality. That and I only have two left now anyway.

      12. 6 credits is full time at my school, but it is also 8 weeks long. If you break it down into fall and spring, I am taking 6 classes and 18 credits a semester. I get a better grant if I go full time and I won’t have to stop. It is a lot of work. I have started on it, but the sooner I’m done, the sooner I can start living a better life, not always stressing about bills and my mounting credit card debt.

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