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Birthday Haul

My best friend in the whole world recently gave me my birthday present and I want to share what I got from her with all of you. She always knows just what to get me and it is so funny. She is the one person that I find hard to shop for. We are both into beauty and books and she has a ton of both. Most of the time, she already has what I am thinking of getting her. The past two years though, I had been giving her a book in a book series and she really loved that, but she bought the next book herself. lol. I always ask for hints every year, because I don’t want to be that person who gets them something they already have. Luckily for me, I have an idea of what to get her this year and she will be impressed. Impressed, I say!

Who doesn’t love some sheets masks? The best part? She got me a cruelty free brand. Yes, you heard that right! She has been listening to my recent beauty rants on my blog. I couldn’t be happier! The brand is The Sharing Co and they donate a small portion of their sales to animal shelters. The Hyaluronan Mask is to help Pit Bulls, which I would own one if I could. The Soothing Mask is to help out Dalmatians. The Elasticity Mask is designed to help the Tabby Cat. The Brightening Mask has no animal in mind, just that happy animals (like playing in the snow) give them a better chance of survival at a shelter. The backs of the packets are so educational and when I start to use these up, I will definitely share what they say in my reviews. I cannot wait to try these and I have been more into pampering myself lately. I have been masking a few times a week and try to do a sheet mask every two weeks or so.

And of course books! My two passions in life: books and skin care. LOL. All kidding aside, I am really excited to read all three of these. I have already cracked into the Sarah Dessen book, because I read an excerpt in the most recent one that I read Saint Anything and it made me hungry for another Sarah Dessen novel. I really like the more mature themes in her recent books. I have to say that she is back up there with my favorite authors. Dangerous Creatures is a spin off series to Beautiful Creatures. I am unsure if I should read it or read the other three books first in case this one contains spoilers for the other books in the other series. Since You’ve Been Gone seems like the perfect summer read to read by the pool, which I totally plan on reading it there.

Thank you so much D! I really love everything and it was so thoughtfully picked out. I am so grateful that God brought such a great friend into my life who has been my rock through all of my ups and downs. Living life with me is a roller coaster for me and I’m glad that you have my back and I get to spend my life growing up with you.

With Love,



42 thoughts on “Birthday Haul”

  1. Aww that’s such a lovely idea with the animals. I love sheet masks. I don’t know if you can get those ones in the UK, but I love the idea behind it. I wonder if there’s one for golden retrievers? They are my favourite! Anyway – hope you enjoy your masks and books and I’m looking forward to reading your reviews.

    1. Thank you so much! The money goes to all of the shelter animals. The masks just feature certain animals and brings awareness to them. A direct quote from their website: “In the U.S. approximately 6.5 million companion animals enter a shelter every year. From there, approximately 1.5 million shelter animals are euthanized, mainly due to lack of space.” I think that is very sad. Unfortunately, at this time, they do not ship internationally. Probably because the funds are only going to US shelters. Currently, they only have these masks as well. They are a new company that launched June 2017.

      1. I know, it’s so sad when you read some of the stories about what happens to the animals, so this is a fantastic idea. And of course a pamper evening is a good thing too 🙂

    1. I’m reading the Sara Dessen one now and it is SO GOOD! Through Amazon you get to try audible for free for a month and you get two free books instead of 1. And you can cancel before you get charged and you keep those two books in your audible library. If you want to try it with zero commitment. I haven’t chosen my 1st book yet. I keep going to my goodreads series I want to finish list and trying to find an audible book for one. They don’t have the second Beneath the Glitter book. 😦

      1. I have the second beneath the glitter book, I got it at dollar tree a few years ago. I haven’t read it but I won’t be anytime soon. You’re free to borrow it. Maybe pretty little liars would be a good one if you were planning on finishing that? I think I’m on book 10. I’m hoping to read it this summer but we will see.

      2. Oooh!!!! I will see if I can get the next book that I need to read. Let me see which number I’m on…….Apparently, I read 7 before 6? I should probably borrow the 6th from the library to see if I read it before. I should be on 8. So, I would do PPL once I confirm if I read 6 or now. Will see if library has a digital copy.

      3. Maybe you just marked them out of order? I think that book is a purple one but I’m not sure. I know there’s 16 and two “special” ones, which is a lot.

      4. I gotta check to be sure. Maybe, I just forgot to mark it. I would love to finish the series and I have a few others as well. I have the Wicked Lovely series, Fallen, Myer Dwyer, and a couple more that I’ll need to look up. Hoping audible has one of these. Lol.

      5. LOL. Nope! Life happened and I haven’t finished it yet. I plan to get a book in this series after Runaway. I didn’t even realize that I exercised for 15 minutes until the timer went off. I was so into the book. I’m working up to 30 minutes 3 to 4 times a week. I only have the last 5th book of the Wicked Lovely series. Probably why I put off reading it, because I didn’t want it to end.

      6. It wraps the series up well if I remember correctly? The ending is sort of crazy. It’s been years since I read it so I don’t quite remember. I have series like that, like the alist. I enjoy them enough, but I keep putting them off. I’ve only read half the series! That and pretty little liars and lying game. I really just need to finish all of them and move on but I always end up picking something else instead.

      7. EXACTLY! It is like procrastinating finishing something. I just need to suck it up and finish reading a few series off of my list. THAT should be a goal for next year’s NYER for sure! To finish up more book series. I just finished the Moon and More and now, I am going to go to goodreads and write my review than add it to my July Reads blog post that I should be publishing and scheduling to review. I have been cutting down on my blog posts from every day to every other day. So, 14 to 15 posts a month. I never realized how much I had to say when I already prescheduled almost a month of content. lol. But I love blogging. I have been reading more with my free time, but school starts next week!

      8. I still have to review my May books! It’s my last draft I have planned as of right now, but we’re also approaching the end of June already! I’m hoping to finish the book I’m reading by the end of the month. I’m about 1/3 through it. There are so many books I want to read this summer but I know I’m not going to get through them all. I hope you enjoyed the book though!

      9. Yes, I did! I gave it 4 stars. I am reading that Sara Shepard book you gave me next. Not sure how much reading I will be getting in now that college is starting, but I am sure that I can read at least one book a month still. I am working extra hours from home today, so Sat I only have to work until 12:45. So, no reading tonight. I do extra time after Dean goes to bed.

      10. I haven’t started it yet. I am hoping to be able to tomorrow night. I have a tub and a bath bomb with my name on it tonight. Dean is doing good. Continuing to talk a bit. I had to throw a toy away b/c Dean got a coin stuck in his mouth (a big coin for a dinosaur toy). It scared my dad, so I got rid of it. He’s too young for it if he is doing that and I only had a couple of coins from Savers to begin with. Wasn’t in good enough condition to pass down.

      11. Similar. He has a toy piggy bank, but the coins are much bigger and he doesn’t try to eat them. These were smaller about the size of a kiwi in disc shape. It was super scary hearing about it. He wasn’t choking or anything, it just was wedged in his mouth. My dad thought he might have to call an ambulance to remove it. But it turned out right in the end.

      12. that’s a good one! i forget about that series when i think of meg cabot in general, maybe because it is only a trilogy. i’m hoping to finish her greek myth trilogy this summer. i have 2 left. abandon or something like that?

      13. AH! The tale of Hades and Persephone. I really loved that trilogy. That’s the one where she drowns in the pool right? I read that years ago when I was really into Greek mythology.

      14. Yes she does! I’ve read the first, Greek myths aren’t my thing at all but I’ll finish it because I love meg Cabot. But really I’m excited to move on to her adult series, like queen of babble and the heather wells mysteries. I’ve picked up a lot of them at the Salvation Army over the years but haven’t read them because i was determined to read every one of her kids and ya novels first. But I’m down to the last two!

      15. I love Meg Cabot. She is such a great author. I should finish the Princess Diaries series too. I love looking at Goodreads. I have all of these books listed to read. I have been looking at them and seeing if I still want to read them. I want to go by my to read list and try to read what’s on there instead of always adding and buying other books. I think I will buy my audio books based off of my to read list. I still love to just pick random books up at Walmart for a few bucks. lol

      16. That is a good idea. I know there’s definitely stuff on my to read list that has been there for a decade. I may still want to read it but it’s also possible I don’t. We both added a lot during high school.

      17. Yes, we did. I think I will spend some time Wed going through the 700 on my self. It is for sure an unmanageable level. lol. Might work on it today during lunch too. I just need to get it done by the end of the year preferably.

      18. 700??! Mine is less than 200. I deleted a couple yesterday but I haven’t really combed through it. I added every Nicholas sparks book but I think I still hope to eventually read them all? I think it’s easier to delete them from a computer than a mobile device.

      19. maybe a lot of them are from contests? i know my list ended up with a couple that i wouldn’t actually read unless i won a contest. i can see it being easy to add a ton though. like if you added every book an author wrote or something.

      20. Yes, it is just too easy and too tempting. Also, adding all the books in a series that you want to read. I’ve cut it down some, but I still have quite a few pages to go through. I think I got rid of 30 to 50 books so far? I am not interested in them now.

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