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Dean’s EI Week

Because of the Memorial day Holiday, Dean only had one OT session this past week. He has been doing very well. He is very independent, but does initiate play with me. He’ll be reading a book (looking at the pages) and he will come over to me with the book. He just wants to share it with me, so I will point things out in the pictures for him. He loves to be chased from his room to the living room couch and play “monster” where I chase him on all fours. He is the best thing that has ever happened to me and I don’t think I’ll ever have another person this great in my life. He’s good for me and he loves me, even when I get frustrated. He understands more than others think.

5/31/18 – OT

Dean said the word “star” the other day and “hot dog”. He sounded like he said help 1X today. He was obviously tired today. He was eager and willing to complete manipulatives today, but any demands for interaction except pointing to desired items, he would get frustrated. Bead stringing he did well with attempting to place dowel in hole and was independent 2xs.

  • Continue to use pictures for food especially during snack times.
  • Offer chewy tube throughout the day so hopefully it will replace biting dresser.

It’s times like these where I love him even more, because he shows me just how lovable he can be. His foulest mood makes me smile. His cries make me giggle sometimes, because he just looks so cute doing it. I couldn’t imagine life without this beautiful boy in my life. I always knew that something was missing inside of me. I walked through life aimlessly with no purpose, until he came along and showed me that I was worth being loved. He loved me without me having to love him first. He saw me and loved me. Your first love doesn’t have to be sexual. My first true love is my son. John didn’t love me. He loved the thought of me and how I looked. He didn’t care when he hit me and verbally lowered my self worth.

Dean loves me with the purest kind of love. The kind of love that having a child links you with. I would never hurt him and sever that love that I hold so precious. The love that I never had as a child that made me vulnerable to the likes of John: the first guy to show me any kindness and then broke me. Dean put me back together again. I was broken before him. I don’t know if anyone knew, but I was. Now, I have a purpose again. To give this boy the best life that I never had and it requires me to give thought to myself. What do I want? What do I want that I can give to Dean? And so, my journey to a degree begins. The first thing I want for Dean is a home and I want to give that to him.

With Love,



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