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Dean’s ABA Week

Dean is continuing to do great with ABA therapy. He has started flopping his body back when he doesn’t want to play anymore, but things like this don’t last long. By next week, he will be over it and be enthused again. It doesn’t help that we don’t know exactly what he is thinking. He could have just been bored this past week or wanted to do something else. I cannot wait for more words to become a part of his vocabulary. I am adjusting to this new blogging schedule very well. I usually have two weeks predone and spend less time than I used to making sure posts are going up. I really love blogging, but I need to fit college in. I’m really not cutting back that much. It is every other day, which turns into half the month worth of posts. I also don’t get burned out. I always have something that I want to post. It is refreshing.

6/12/18 – Joyce

Dean did very well with multiple people here. Some testing, new “laying down” behavior. Figured out First/Then contingency. Approximation for “Boo!”

6/12/18 – Ann

Dean did well with additional people present. Interested to greet and interact with them. Started working on “tickles” picture. More flopping when wanting to end play, prompting to say “all done”.

6/13/18 – Deb

Dean was full of energy in the beginning. He enjoyed bubbles, books, and a few toys. Dean approximated “pop” when popping bubbles. He had great joint attention today. Dean started playing with right ear a lot towards end of session and became very tired. Went in gated area to lay down. Dean ate a lot at snack time. Loved being tickled, tried singing songs – seemed uninterested in them. Great pointing.

6/14/18 – Ann

Dean enjoying texture flash cards wanting to do them several times. Increased flopping back when he didn’t want to play. Looking to go into kitchen. Ate a lot at snack. Discussed increasing hours.

6/15/18 – Ann

Dean sat for short times to play toys and then looking to run. Liked bubbles and books. Ate only a little snack. Pointing still looking great.

Also, Dean is loving the pool. We are getting a lot of sunshine and I couldn’t be happier. It is nice to sit by the pool and just relax or in my case, reading my class work. My dad has been very good at giving me an hour a couple of times a week out there at the pool by myself to just study in the sun. It has been so nice and lovely out. I like the hot, muggy weather, but I also love the cold. I’m an enigma, I know.

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