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Dean’s EI Week

I cannot believe that life is going by do fast. Now, that school is steadily approaching, I know that life will slow down a bit. Time always seemed to go slower when I was in school. Time stretched on. It’s funny how as kids we cannot wait to grow up and once you actually do, you realize that work just replaces school. You don’t get more time to do what you want and yeah, you get freedom to go with it but also all the responsibilities as well. If I could do it again, I would savor that time being a kid. This is what I want to give Dean. Time to be a kid and have fun with your parents. I want to have fun vacations and great days off with him. I hope he appreciates it as he gets older.

6/11/18 – Speech

Some words and phrases over weekend. Dean was seen at home with Mike. He sat for puzzles and books. He was able to string 3 of the smaller wooden beads independently. He needed help with the larger ones. He vocalized during play and initiated a “meow” x1. He continues to point to what he wants.

  • Continue to model words related to his toys and snacks.

6/14/18 – OT

Dean is doing well with using utensils, especially with bringing to mouth. He can bring utensil to mouth, but doesn’t quite get scooping. Dean did well today. Explored spiky more in sit cushion. Sat with a lot of movement but completed 4 puzzles, shape sorter, and stringing beads not seated in booster seat. Dean continues to do excellent scanning between 2 pictures to make choice of snack to eat. He was 100% accurate even when placement of picture changed. Spoke about decreasing OT for summer to once a week instead of two. Will speak to service coordinator.

  • Try hand over hand for scooping. Try to let him scoop first few bites himself when bowl container is filled up so even if dipping spoon, he will increase independence.

Speaking of school, it is so overwhelming seeing my assignment schedule and wondering how I am going to get all this work done. I haven’t started school yet. I’m still completing the overview stuff and planning out the next 8 weeks in my planner. I know I will find a balance of work (Basically a necessity to live), school, free reading, tv/netflix, blogging, house work, and spending time with Dean (also a basic necessity). I have already cut down my blogging to an hour on Sunday and my day off during the week. So, 2 hours a week to work on it. I get everything done during that time, so it is pretty easy. I am confident that I will find a balance in my life.

With Love,



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