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Project 200 Pan: May Update

I am here with another update on how my 200 in a year project pan is going. I finished up more than I thought in the month of May. When we left off in April, I was at 22.5% done with my project pan. That is 45/200 items empty. I am hoping that I finished up 20 items to go towards my goal. I just did my May empties a few days ago, so it isn’t as fresh in my mind. I don’t do these posts back-to-back, so the results are always surprising to me. June marks the halfway point in the year and right now as of April’s numbers, I am no wear nears 100 done. I am feeling slightly discourages, but I haven’t been using my products as diligently as a should. This should be a good wake up call to give me that extra push that I need to use up some of my stash.


I am only counting the dry shampoo here. I know my hair care category is a slow moving one, but I should have two or three empties in June for this. I am almost done with a leave-in product and have been doing more slicked back looks with gel and oil when even dry shampoo cannot hide the fact that my hair is greasy. Oh, and I should be finishing up one to two mini dry shampoos as well. I need to pick up a can when I get my next paycheck. I think I will try Batiste. 46/200


I was hit pretty heavy in May with the skin care empties. I am hoping to go through a few more sheet masks, because my skin has been feeling drier lately. I think it might be my day time lotion, but I am not sure. I have been really into hydrating products lately. My skin just isn’t as oily as it used to be. I am thinking that I am more normal/combo lately. I have only been getting slightly oily in my t-zone lately. I used to have to blot a lot. Now, I haven’t even bought blotting paper. Powdering once in the morning lasts almost all day now. I have a few more bits of skin care of their last legs, so I am sure we will see more casualties in June. From then, I think this will become slow moving. 53/200


I have a mini shower gel that will be finished in June and hopefully, I can push through some more of my lotions. I have been really slacking lately in the lotion department. I need to use them more often. I tend to go ham in the summer, when the air is warmer and my skin is drier. In the winter, I tend to start slacking. My goal for June is to use up one lotion. I have a stretch mark oil that is on its last legs and some sunscreens that will be dying soon. I hope that in July I will be able to move two lotions out of my collection. 55/200

My last category in this post is makeup. Yes, I am counting the perfume, because it is a big deluxe size. It is more than your average perfume sample. I even managed to hit pan on one of my Stilla Glitter and Glows, because I wore it so much during my birthday month in Rose Gold Retro. I am very pleased with the amount of makeup that I was able to use up this month. I hope I can push out two primers in June and maybe a foundation sample or two. I am feeling more glowy looks, so I might go for a glowy primer and skip foundation all together. I have so much makeup that the options are endless. If I can use up any makeup, I will be happy. 61/200

I am quite pleased with my progress in May. I am 30% done with my project, so I am a third of the way there practically. I need to move things out at a 5% rate for the remainder of the months and I was 2.5% behind last month. I gained 7.5% this month, so I am no longer behind, but just on time to finish with 200 by the end of the year. So, I need to gain 5% in June to stay on top at a steady pace. Using up more is always a plus to makeup for slow months like April. I don’t have any empties as of June 10th, so fingers crossed that I have empties in June.

With Love,



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