Online Orientation & Intro to BrightSpace

I thought that I would share a quick post about my online orientation at SNHU. BrightSpace is the online platform, where my courses are taking place. To introduce you to the platform and to how your classes will be at SNHU, they give you a First Year Orientation course that introduces you to the college, resources, expectations, etc. It was mean to be taking over 5 weeks, but I finished it in 2 weeks. This reminded me that I really miss school and I spend too much of my time watching Netflix. LOL. I highly recommend that you take your introductory course, because I feel very confident on the platform because of it.

I also had to take two FYE (First Year Experience) webinars: one for Brightspace and the other for the resources that the college offers. These were also helpful, but more so the resources one than the Brighspace one. I feel like if you explored the FYE “class” on Brightspace that it prepares you better than the 30 minute webinar.

I am not nervous about starting college at all. I only have two more years left to earn my first BS. I think I will go for my Masters from there, but I also want to use the other half of the credits from going to college previously towards a second degree. I am debating between English and the Environmental Science degree that I originally wanted. I think I might go with the ES. It might open more opportunities. When I am making big money, I can easily fund my own education. I don’t think I will ever stop learning and SNHU makes the process so easy. With a Masters, I could easily be making upwards of 200K with experience.

I figured out that by the time I earn my BS, I will have worked at MAPFRE for almost 6 years. I am not sure which analyst position I will go for at MAPFRE, but I want to get a level 60 position and earn some experience. With the time I’ve spent at the company and my reputation, I don’t think it will be hard once I secure the degree to go from a level 54 to 60. I was once told by HR that it is impossible to do, but I don’t think it is. I’m not going to sell myself short. I am worth it.

With Love,



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