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Dean’s EI Week

I love writing these little recap summaries for Dean and it saddens me to know that soon, EI will be done for Dean and I will just be doing the ABA updates. I am getting ready for the public school evaluation of services they will offer to Dean. Honestly though? I am thinking of skipping preschool all together. I think Dean will benefit more from the constant ABA therapy than a preschool setting right now. He has gone so far with ABA that I think that I will stick with it for the next 3 years. The way Dean’s birthday falls, he will be one month short of starting school with the rest of the 5 year olds turning six. He will be six going on 7 when he finally goes to kindergarten. I am thinking of either going private (by then, I should be making enough money as a Data Analyst that I would own my own home and be able to support a private school education) or home schooling.

6/18/18 – OT

Dean has been coming out with phrases spontaneously. Dean did well today Played on move in sit cushion sat and attended to several puzzles with excessive motion/movement. He did well. In swing, he would grab my hands to sign more, but would not do spontaneously. Sat and choose pictures for snack even with switching places of pictures and using two circular snacks. He did excellent scanning to choose cracker.

  • Continue to offer pictures for him to choose what to eat.
  • May want to try to use this for play activities, too.

6/18/18 – Speech

Dean is repeating some words. “Good night” is consistent. “Hello” is new. “Happy day” 1x. Dean was seen at home with his mom. He was very vocal today and Hannah said that this is typical now. Worked on LEA referral to (Town where I live) Public and will request a TPC meeting. 9/10 at 9 am. Also changed services from OT from 2x to 1x a week. He enjoyed his lunch in his chair. Lots of smiles.

  • Continue to model words and repeat, repeat, repeat.

I am looking forward to the future of coloring with Dean, getting handmade mother’s day gifts, and helping him do his Christmas shopping. I am looking forward to everything that wasn’t important to my mother when it came to me and the things that I never did with my mom. I hope that I can be a better mother to my son. Actually, scratch that. I KNOW that I can be a better mother to my son than what I had growing up and I plan on giving him the life that I wished that I had growing up. A life filled with love and feeling important and worth loving. Along the way, I plan on treating him to respect women, himself, and to stand up for what he believes in. His voice counts. All of our voices count.

With Love,



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