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Dean’s ABA Week

I cannot believe how much easier it is to keep up with my blog now that I have a new blogging schedule. I have been spending more time with Dean and he has been saying more words and communicating better. He says hello now with consistency! It is so great to watch him grow. We have been swimming in the pool a lot and bouncing on the big trampoline when the water was too cool on a mild day in the 70s. He only likes the temperature of the pool on 80 and above days. So, when it was in the 90s, he loved the pool and swam for a good forty five minutes before starting to shiver. He is a little guy, so he doesn’t last in the pool very long before getting cold and tired. There is nothing that he likes better than after swimming for thirty minutes than get into a sun warmed towel and enjoy a cold, refreshing Popsicle.

6/26/18 – Joyce

Dean had a good session overall. Seemed a tad “off”, had a BM (Bowel movement) during session, was better after that.

6/26/18 – Ann

Dean did well today. Discussed toys that he has mastered – shape sorters, rings. Did great with his beads with stick on the string. I’m on vacation July 23 – 27th.

6/27/18 – Joyce

Okay session. Dean clinging to mom today. Seemed to be seeking extra pressure today. Questioned teeth, took temp. Was better after milk.

6/27/18 – Deb

Dean did well today. He was quiet and off today. He enjoyed a book and sitting with mom. A lot of mouthing toys today. Dean said “all done” after his bottle, seemed to cheer up after that. I will be here Monday July 2nd and 9th at 8:15 and 9:45.

6/28/18 – Ann

Dean was making lots of sounds today. Very active first part of session, sat longer after snack. Not interested in chewy – wanting to chew harder blocks.

6/29/18 – Ann

Dead did okay this morning. Quick to flop down or started to cry when frustrated and when didn’t let him chew on a block. Finished up good.

I just got Dean’s results back from his PECS and I will be posting about it soon and comparing it to his intake results. I want to share just how much he has grown and benefited from ABA therapy. ABA isn’t for everyone or for every family, but with my Dad watching Dean during the day, ABA fits right into his schedule. I know that I am constantly going back and forth with whether he will do pre-K or not. The truth is that I really don’t know and I change my mind as I go. I would like for him to go once a week for the first year and then, possibly two to three days the next year. When I say day, I mean three to four hours in the morning. What they call half days. I think he needs peer interaction, but that he would benefit more from ABA at this time.

With Love,



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