July 2nd Semester Classes

This semester, I am taking a math placement course (no credits for free class) to see if I can get 3 free credits to place out of Pre-calculus and I can start right into Calculus. Well, you have to score a 76 or higher in the placement test for that. I get three attempts. My first attempt to start the course (I already took it), I earned a 34 on the test. The great thing is that now, I have a tailored to me class to study up on the areas I scored poorly in. It let me know that I at least need to earn 42 more points to place out of Pre-Cal and that I know 70 topics in that class. I need to brush up on 149 more topic though. I have my work cut out for me. I plan on brushing up on the areas that I know well and ones that I hardly know at all. I will do this for 4 weeks before taking my 2nd attempt. From there I will have another 3 to 4 weeks before taking the final attempt. Here’s to hoping that I score enough on the second attempt!

I am taking HIS-100 Perspectives in History and SCS-200 Applied Social Sciences both for three credits. Both of these courses have four themes planned out for eight weeks. My history class has three projects and my science class has two projects. Both are nothing major. For History, I have a worksheet, paper outline and first paragraph, and a slideshow presentation. For Social Science, I have a 3 to 5 page research paper and a slideshow presentation. I will have to brush up on my slideshow skills to be honest. It is an easy application, but I tend to cram info on slides. lol. I will have to add in speaker notes to state what I would say on each slide.

As I am writing this, I have not begun my classes, but this will go up once I have started. I am looking forward to this new start in my life and I know that I will be busy. I won’t have time to do a midterm update, but I will be posts a wrap up with what I was able to achieve this semester. I want to do this for each semester that I start and end with. I think it will be fun and a great way to reflect and start fresh. I want to document this journey in my life and share it with all of you. Oh! I only had to buy one “book” this semester for my Science class, which is actually just access to an interactive platform that has the reading, quizzes, and sources for the class. Basically, you pay for the class and then pay for access to your materials for that class. It’s hard to explain, but apparently it’s like an access key. I paid $57 dollars for my textbooks this semester. Not too bad and plus, my work will reimburse me.

I am really loving this new format and how I am posting my content. Let me know if you enjoy this as well. My new routine gives me time for other things and keeps me on point for my blog. I tend to lose focus when writing my posts, so having a clock timing me (you have 1 hour to blog) really motivates me and I find that I actually get more done this way. I am almost half way done with writing posts for July. I am just full of ideas that I think are unique and not the same old stuff being rehashed. Although, I do enjoy my empty and review posts.

With Love,



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