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Dean’s ABA Week

I was on vacation during this week from Monday to Thursday. I went into work on Friday, because three people in my unit were out and I figured it was just one day to come into work. I still worked Saturday from home along with a lot of other coworkers, because overtime was being offered. That is something that I cannot do anymore. I need my spare time for college. I don’t even get to read (besides Audible when exercising 2x a week for 30 minutes), because when I do have an hour to myself, I want to chill and watch a movie or a tv episode. I would expect my monthly review posts might not be there every month and probably only have one book on there. That’s okay. You might see more movie and tv series posts more often though. Also, a new thing for me, is only blogging on Sunday for an hour. College is that time consuming.

7/2/18 – Deb

Dean was off when I arrived, some whining and flopping. Did well on targets when presented. Enjoyed my pin toy. Had more energy after eating snack. Observed Speech (EI) at end of session.

7/3/18 – Joyce

Dean is making a lot more sounds. 🙂 Some testing, but ends up compliant. Loves Ann’s tactile cards – we will look to get some more. Ate an excellent amount of snack. Going paperless soon!

7/3/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Few times flopping when took his little green block away. Chose lots of different items at snack with pictures.

7/5/18 – Ann

Dean did well especially without my usual toys. Really liked different sets of flashcards. Used his toys for programs. Good generalizing skills.

7/5/18 – Deb

Dean was full of energy today. Lots of sounds throughout session. Did great with toys. Some flopping and mouthing.

7/6/18 – Ann

Dean had a lot of energy to start. Needed items presented quickly to keep him sitting for longer. Only wanted very little of his snack.

Dean had an action packed week full of ABA sessions. He had a ton more energy this week, because he got to sleep in everyday (besides Friday). I was taking him out to the pool every day it was nice, but not 100. Saturday, yesterday when writing this, he got to jump on the outside trampoline. It was too cool for swimming, but perfect for jumping. I cannot wait for the Fall and the air gets a little chill. It will be so nice to be outside and jump on the trampoline with the autumn leaves turning gold. For now, we are enjoying the pool, grilling (there will be a recipe soon for beef kabobs and possible chicken stir-fry), ice cream/popsicles, swinging, and the trampoline. He even runs around outside now without a purpose. To be a kid again…

With Love,



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