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Dean’s ABA Week

I am currently ending the second week of college and I have to say that I have been enjoying it. It hasn’t been too difficult or as time consuming as I originally thought. Do not get me wrong, it is still a lot of work and takes up my nights from 7:30 to 10:00 or later and when I work from home about 90 minutes in the morning and my 60 minute lunch. My days off are filled with hours here and there during the day as well. I would guess that I put about 20 to 30 hours in depending upon if its a WAH week or how many assignments are due that week. I have gotten 7 assignments back: all A’s. I must be doing something right. I have been using the writing center 1-3 times for every assignment that I have written. It is a really great resource and my professors have been amazing as well. I never thought that I would enjoy online as much as I do. I get to socialize with my classmates when I want to and not awkwardly in class either.

7/9/18 – Deb

Dean was full of energy today. He did well on programs today. Some flopping and mouthing. Dean had good eye contact with activities. Observed Lisa’s session at the end. Dean said “roar” during a book with Lisa. Lots of energy today, quick activities during sitting. *Missing a few programs on tablet.

7/10/18 – Ann

Dean was full of energy. Getting up to run a lot. Did some ball play rolling big ball back and forth. Really liking flash cards, watching my mouth as I say the words. Not interested in a lot of snack. Had a few chips.

7/10/18 – Deb

Dean did well for a short session. Brought new toys today. He had great eye contact today. Enjoyed tickles and imitated “Ann”. No programs on tablet. Recorded only behaviors.

7/11/18 – Deb

Dead did well today. He had lots of energy today, running back and forth. Introduced new toys to generalized to. Dean was very vocal also. Great eye contact. Some mouthing. Only interested in chips for snack this morning.

7/12/18 – Ann

Dean had lots of energy. Used chew tube all session, lots of drooling. Lots of sounds.

7/12/18 – Deb

Dean was full of energy today. Lots of mouthing, using chewy and toys. Lots of drooling. Did well on programs. Dean enjoyed going upside down and tickles. Dean had some Tylenol for his teeth. He seemed tired at the end of the session.

7/13/18 – Ann

Dean did well this morning. Lots of great eye contact. Did foam puzzle with minimal prompts. Sat well with less running into his room.

I am very impressed with Dean this week. He had 3 extra sessions with Deb and he did great doing the double sessions. Summer vacation has caused ABA a lot of cancellations either at the last minute or planned. I am cashing in on this cancellations by requesting Deb to come any time she gets one. Our only request is that the session be done by 1:30, especially if my dad is traveling to come pick me up after work. I am working at home the week of the 16th (just have to come in on Tuesday), so the lateness doesn’t matter to us as much as when I have to travel to work. I think we has three extra sessions with Deb this week as well and one is a two hour session when he usually only gets 90 minutes. You can bet there will be a lot of outside time during my work from home week.

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