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Dean’s EI Week

I am writing this on July 29th, but this will be going up sometime in August. I just had a scare and I haven’t cried so much since my cat passed away last January. My dog Serena went in on Friday for a standard cleaning and tooth extraction and died on the table. They were able to revive her by taking out the anesthetic with a different drug in about a minute. That’s when we found out that Serena has a congenital heart defect and is in the last stage of heart failure. She will be seeing a cardiologist for chest x-rays to give us a better time line and way to treat her to prolong her life. It has been very upsetting for me and I’ll mention the results when I have them.

7/16/18 – Speech

“He didn’t do it” x1 “Help mom” x1 Dean was seen at home today. He was chewing a lot and is getting molars. He made some sounds during play and made nice eye contact. Worked on nose, belly with hand over hand. He responded to his name several times today. an, ba, ee.

  • Continue to label animals with name and sounds when playing with beads.

Dean actually noticed that Serena was gone all day and kept looking for her underneath her blanket that is on the chair that she likes to sit on. When Serena got home from the vet, she cried/talked for a hour about whatever happened to her. She had to be held for two hours, the poor thing. I have been giving her half a pill in the morning and at night. She eats it right up. I think she knows that something is wrong with her. Makes sense now, all of her honking which previous vets had labeled asthma. It is actually a symptom of fluid collection in the lungs from heart failure. She doesn’t have heart disease though. Her heart just doesn’t worth right. Instead of pumping blood out of the heart, a good percentage of the blood comes back into it, so it has to work really hard to keep the blood flowing. I’m not ready for her to go. I’m not sure I ever will be.

With Love,


2 thoughts on “Dean’s EI Week”

  1. So sorry to hear this.I know you wrote this a while ago and I’m not caught up with blog reading, but I hope you have been enjoying some quality time together. I know it’s so hard. I still miss my golden retriever girl now and that’s over 3 years later.

    1. I’m done crying so that’s good. Definitely enjoying our time. She sleeps with my every night. I lost my cat last year and almost lost the other dog due to a vaccine allergy. It’s been bad luck on the pet front unfortunately. But I love them. They are family. I’m sorry for your loss.

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