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Dean’s EI Week

You might be seeing two EI weeks one after another soon. ABA went on vacation, so I have a couple of these EI weeks to put up instead. I still have the PEC results to write up, but I am saving that for a week where I don’t have that much going on to be able to work on it for the full hour that I allow myself. I might do it at the end of August where I get a week break between the two semesters. I will be trying during that week to write the whole month of September. It would really help with keeping on top of school. I haven’t been behind on college work yet or in danger of. I have been pacing myself pretty good an give my self an hour off a couple of nights a week from 9 to 10 to de-stress. Speaking of school, I have two papers to fix up (Currently Sunday of week 4) that are due today and then, I can start Week 5. Fun. đŸ™‚

7/23/18 – Speech

No words. Dean used pictures to make choices of snack. He chose raisins by pointing and grabbing. When all done, he needed hand over hand for all done sign. Pushes away when he doesn’t want something. He sat for a story today. Modeled signs for eat, water, and all done. Dean used these words/sounds today: bock bock, water, don’t want them).

  • Continue to model animals names and sounds with beads or farm toys.

7/25/18 – OT

Dean has been saying more things spontaneously but not consistently. Dean has improved in his PECS communications from 10 to 12 months old to 13 to 16 months old. Dean was crying when I arrived because he was frustrated. A pillow got taken away due to “humping” behaviors. Spoke to Hannah that this behavior in young kids is not sexual in nature but rather an extreme seeking of deep pressure. Try to replace with other deep pressure activities: jumping, squeezing, etc. Dean did excellent. Worked through 4 puzzles with ease. Signed more after demonstration to request more puzzle pieces.

  • Will start to initiate using pictures to request play items.

Unfortunately, Dean’s OT had a lot of personal issues and this was the first time in two or three weeks that he has had a session with her. He was so excited to see her and had a really great, productive session. I love seeing him grow and develop with each passing session. I got a letter in the mail to sign from the school board to give them permission to evaluate Dean. I have a few questions to ask my people first before signing and returning the document. It is all going by way to fast. I also don’t want my son to go to my town’s public school. There has been many problems and the state had to come in and take over. Now, the state is screwing up with minor sex trafficking scandals. I don’t feel comfortable sending my son to the public school here.

With Love,


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