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Dean’s EI Week

So, I really need to just get Dean’s PEC post written and out of the way, but I’m waiting for my break week in between semesters. I have two final projects due and I don’t want to get behind in doing them. I work hard on my blog posts and make sure that I feel 100% good about them before posting. I am enjoying my posting schedule, but some weeks I still feel like I’m posting too much and I’m losing some of the fun of it. I might be taking a break during Thanksgiving and Christmas, including New Years just to give me a break from the blog. I don’t want to be gone forever, but a week of 3-4 posts break would be nice every once in a while. This is why I won’t be posting during the last week of August. I want to prepare posts for the first few weeks of September, so if I need a break during school I can take one.

8/6/18 – OT

Dean has had an irritable few days. Dean wanted to be held by Hannah all day Sunday. The only thing that helped was swimming and trampoline. Worked on pointing, choosing activities, and eye hand coordination activities. He had several short lived tantrums with a few manipulatives after being told “No” for mouthing. Worked on self feeding with a spoon. He did well with bringing to his mouth. He needed help to scoop, but tolerated it well.

  • Continue hand over hand for scooping with a spoon.

8/10/18 – Speech

Family feels like Dean has regressed. Lots of behaviors and need to be held all the time. Dean was seen at home with Mike and Ann. He is in constant motion and wants to be held. He had no interest in toys today, but was very happy with physical play. He enjoyed being squeezed and flipped. He said “up” x1 and “more” x1 during this type of play. Snack time he pushed away choices he didn’t want instead of pointing. Required assistance to use more sign.

  • Assessment

I hope you guys don’t mind that I won’t be posting on the last week of August, but I really need the time to get ahead on some posts and get a head start to the semester. Sometimes, you just need a break and I’m feeling it right now with my blog. I’m tired of the content, but I love it at the same time. That’s why I need a break to just write and recharge about it all. No pressure. Plus, I’ll need some time for home buying things. I haven’t bid on a house or anything yet, but I’m really thinking about one that I fell in love with. There is a lot to consider, since it is pricier than what I wanted, but it is exactly what I wanted without having to do much work in order to move in.

With Love,




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