Don’t let this title make you think that I am quitting the blogging world, because I’m not. I’m just finding that some of my posts are tired and I’m tired of writing the same old stuff, just a different day. I want to get rid of the nail polish updates. It just makes me depressed. If I actually do my nails, I’ll include it in my 200 project pan. Empties will be gone as well. I’m tired of those posts too and they seem redundant with my project pan. Makeup monthly will be gone as well. Again, my 200 pan project pretty much touches on the makeup that I have loved so much that I used it up.

I still plan on continuing my 200 pan until the end of the year and I will be switching to 19 pans in 2019 for full sized products only. I am still doing my Dean updates, because I love sharing his progress with all of you. I will still do my movie reviews (when I actually have one) and book reviews. I still love to review the products that I use up, so I will continue that as well. If there are any hauls and stuff, I will share that as well.

I want to start new stuff too. I don’t know what it will be, but just different content. Maybe tags that I’ve seen or something. I just need to stick to the posts I love and leave behind the ones I started to hate writing. So, that is pretty much it on my update. I just want to post stuff that makes me happy and let go of the stuff that didn’t.

With Love,



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